Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Round cork owl holder .....

July 16th 2013

Todays vacation day trip was out to a mall well out of my area that had two Bath and Body Works stores in it.  I never got to go into the second store to see what it had....and it was an older non remodeled store....but I did get to go into the upper level store.  It was beautiful inside....nothing like any I have seen in person just on everyone elses YouTube videos.  All of the stores I seem to find are of the old store front design.

I was greeted by a lovely SA whose only interest was to convince me that the Destination line of candles were the fall candles.  I am not sure why, because I told her I have those and have had them for sometime and they are not pumpkin fall anything I wanted, but she insisted everything from Lakeside line to Destinations were.  Another worker went and brought me that tall leaf like (expensive) soap holder below and put a soap in it and said, "there you go...something fall."  I walked around and found barely anything new so I got the soap bottle holders below and used a survey.

On the top shelf by the lip glosses were these cork round holders. {almost a 4.5" diameter}  For what, I am not sure but there were a few with leaves, or acorns and this one with the owl....added a few pocketbac holders to make it a ten dollar sale and got the dark amber spray free.

They did have the VIP tote on the counter with all of the items for customer to see in person and it is nice. 

I am hoping tomorrows trip out after the dentist and dr. visit is more fruitful.