Sunday, July 28, 2013

Un- BEE- weaveable

July 28, 2013

So my intentions today were this...Grocery shopping and Bath and Body Works shopping.  I know that tomorrow was suppose to be a Pumpkin Preview so there was to be a floorset tonight so if I went to a store that may start early I could see some new.

Ya sure.

I head out for Chinese for lunch, and I got a call telling me that the floor set for tomorrow was cancelled and there would be only a release of the Sweet and Sexy items...  No pumpkins.


So I change my plans on where to go and head in a different direction.  There is a store a few hours away so I try there to see what is new.  I was greeted by a lovely SA who asked me what I wanted.  I responded with.....  Pumpkins.

She said, sorry we don't have any yet but we have a table out front with the summer chill line on sale.  I thanked her and said no I was interested in the fall things now and she said..."next month."  "Next month?",   I quizzed her.  You mean tomorrow.... you have a floorset tonight for a preview of pumpkin things.  "No we don't."  "So your not putting anything pumpkin out?"  "No."

"So when is the new coming out?"  I asked.  Next month she said.  Hmm.  I said to her, looking around the table I was standing by...."so there is nothing pumpkin huh....  So what is that?  (pointing at the pumpkins and fall sleeves her co-worker was putting out.  Well, they are pumpkins but we are pushing the limits doing that.

For REAL?  OMG.....

Workers so scared to admit that there is a well KNOWN floorset for a preview sale everyone was talking about a few weeks ago.  So I grabbed two and told her I better get these before you change your mind.  Her manager walked by.....pulled out the paper signage as these new things are being put out as Fall Fresh Picked including that huge bubble glass luminary and said to the girl stacking the metal sleeves.... I have all of your signage ready for tonights set.


This lockdown of general commonsense answers to our questions B&BW is making your SA's look like they don't know what's going on in their own stores and is turning them into a bunch of fibbers.  And for seasoned shoppers and I should add faithful shoppers of your makes us frustrated.  No wonder people read blogs to find information.

SO I take my sleeves and pumpkins and I am happily heading home after a quick trip for groceries. 

Unbeknownst to me while sitting in the car waiting to get gas....a hornet bit me in the right side of my neck.  Great, just what I needed... a hickey from a hornet.

Pain......OMG..... incredible and still as I am sitting here trying to get this typed it is so painful. I did get a nice ride to the hospital where I got to witness the horrors of life and death and grieving....

Puts your whole bug bite into perspective....definitely...but it still hurts like a son of a gun. allergic reactions other than I had swelling from my neck into my chest and around my ear and neck....intense pain that I will have for a few days and general yucky feeling....according to the doctor who herself walked in to check me out with a large hornet bite on her arm.  She was bit at 1pm getting out of her car and couldn't take the Benadryl yet as she has to work.  She said she is on 600mg of Motrin....and advised me to do the same.  She also said to try to being stung a second time as its much worse.  The security guard who knows my husband came over and told us that earlier today a gentleman working outside was bitten 38 times by hornets and was admitted.

I didn't get any meds at all.....only ice.....and after waiting through some poor persons code...they got to me and I left to go to the drug store.

With all of my beautiful flower beds and took some little lost bee to fly into my hair while sitting in the car to ruin my Sunday. 

At least....I found a few pumpkins for my troubles.  ;)

As for the floor sets and what is coming out or not....I am as lost as anyone.  Things change so fast overnight....and all I can say is do what I your store and see if they are putting out pumpkins.

And now I am going back to my cozy bed to watch tv and ice my un- bee- weavable neck. 

Hugs, Tessie


Two different kinds of metal sleeves....  $5.50 and $6.50

and a pumpkin home fragrance oil burner...  $9.50

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