Saturday, July 27, 2013

Full of promise

July 27th, 2013

Today so far has been one of those days where you can't seem to put your finger on what it feels like... good or bad you just know it feels different or off.  I did have some highlights to my day and some lows but regardless of all of the things in between,  it has been okay. 

Yesterday, as it usually is on that day... was a bit of a struggle for me but I got through the day...put flowers on my daughters  grave and moved forward.  Perhaps some of it was still hanging over me as I started my day today but I didn't want to let that stop me from doing my routine.  And as if the heavens knew, some affirmations were shared with us via a dear friend and that helped me. 

And I only wrote those paragraphs above to remind those who have given me over 100,000+ views for only a few months this page has been up and going and 47,000 views on my dot com page..THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH...big hugs...I wrote that because there is soooo much more going on in my life, as is the case for everyone....and while I may be here sharing all of the things I know about Bath and Body Works and other things...sometimes I do so with aching heart pieces.
I write this blog and I do share it out of connect with those who also share the same obsessions...passions and love of things I do.  And it keeps me out of trouble..... Most days.  ;)

Okay on with the day.....a day full of promise

Yesterday I saw on the Victorias Secret site that they are again offering three more new scents, their Sugared Florals Collections and those bottles are sooo pretty and girly and sexy.

Candied Violet, Sugared Lilac and Frosted Magnolia.  Now my first thought was to order these and get them without smelling these first.  But because I was going to be at a mall today I thought ... let me smell them first.

The store had a sign out today...a weekend special.... buy two get one free on all beauty products and the manager offered me a chance to smell and BUY any I wanted today.  They officially launch on Tuesday July 30th.  She brought them out and began spraying those little paper strips....which does me no good as I need to smell them on me.  They are sweet.  Nice... but, hmmm sweet and florally a bit.  Of course since they are flower names...

She checked and the price on the mists were $14.00 so for 28.00 I could have three products.  I said to her... wait, really?  That's not a great deal since they are usually 5 for $30.00 or better.  She shook her head and said yes but for the average person who doesn't shop there often she said they wouldn't know.

I told her I would be back Tuesday.


Today QVC did have its Super Saturday two hour special and as I do for all great causes... I shopped and supported the Ovarian Cancer research cause and I will post what I purchased when it all arrives.

Now Bath and Body Works..... 

I did smell the two new sweet and sexy scents coming and they are pretty good.  The sweet... I think it was the sweet....smells exactly like Forever Red....softer.  A weaker version of it.

Let's see what else.....oh yes, currently out that I got yesterday.... Pocketbac holders Haunted House and Pumpkin....Orange fox and a purple hedgehog.....  what else is suppose to be out is a Spider glow in the dark and a woodchuck???   I think it was a woodchuck....Okay its some furry woodland critter to go along with our squirrel and hedgehog.  Oh speaking of.... I didn't notice my squirrel lit up.... His marshmallow lights. 
Too cute.

I am going to write a letter.... a Dear Santa letter of what I want for fall..... haha.... do you think he will stop over my roof and slide down my chimney with a sack full of ....oh I dunno.... HALLOWEEN now?

I am going to  need a bigger cabinet to hold all of the fall....and a bigger wallet.  They went all out for these upcoming Fall items....and I will get to those in a bit.  In case you didn't notice, the comments sections are open in both my BlogSpot blog as well as my Life inside the Page dot com blog....and when I got home today someone left me a nice surprise over at the dot com.....and all I can say is OMG.  more on that later.

Tomorrow night is a floorset...not a big one and not a complete Fall set as this should be the Pumpkin Preview Event we have been hearing Monday we should be able to get some Pumpkin love. 


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