Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fall 2013 Bath and Body Works VIP TOTE video and blog

July 25, 2013

The nice UPS man brought me my latest purchase from Bath and Body Works, some new room sprays, pumpkin shaped metal candle holders and the 2013 VIP Fall Tote.

I did post a YouTube Video of the unveiling  so check it out.

I love everything in this box.  The room sprays are so cute and smell so yummy and those pumpkin shaped metal candle holders are beautiful.  These would make perfect holders for gifting fall themed bath and shower products.  I love them and I may end up getting a few more.

The tote bag is well worth the twenty dollar purchase...and comes with a coupon that will let the bearer get candles for $11.00 each with a limit of five candles at that price.  I am guessing that if there is a coupon for that time period, we may not have a candle sale then....  So I would say, grab a tote...even if it's just for the coupon.  Remember, there are some fall candle lines yet to come out as well as Christmas....yes I just typed that.... Christmas Holiday candles testing soon. 

Hope you like the pictures and the video....
 Hugs, Tess



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