Monday, July 29, 2013

Pictures of Purchases

July 28th, 2013

I wanted to post a few better photos of the things I purchased.  I really wasn't feeling well with the bee bite and the pictures posted aren't as nice as they could be.  So here are better pics. 

That little muslin bag was clearance priced at fifty cents and I will use them to hold mini candles, pocketbacs and lipglosses for fall gifts.  they helped push my order total up to the ten dollar mark to use my bounceback coupon for a free item.

 its nice when the candle holders match the soap sleeves.  the trouble I am having...(and a friend of mine is as well) is the sleeves around water are rusting and staining the sink is white porcelain over cast iron.....and the fresh picked caddy has rust lines all over.  What I am going to start doing is using an empty soap bottle and putting my signature lotions in them and then in the sleeves.  That way I will use my lotions as they will be in plain view and will look festive and season like.

 Home fragrance oil burner

 Cute label....they are referring to this line as sweater weather...and it was on a table marketed for fresh picked.

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