Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kringle Candle Company new Fall Scents are out

July 31, 2013

I saw the other day on Facebook that Kringle Candle Company was promoting their new fall scents and I decided to order a few of the melts to give them a try.  You may think are a bit pricey at $3.00 a melt compared to the sales you can get say at Yankee Candle when theirs go 99 cents...but in comparison wax to wax,  I am really loving the Kringles more.

I find the white wax wonderful ( I was definitely a colored wax lover and thought I would miss that) ...the scents are incredible....especially the throw for this little piece in a warmer and the shipping, well I can't ask for better.  I ordered mine this past weekend and they arrived yesterday.  Two business days from order to being received.

On a cold smell scent these are good.....some I expected to smell like the name implies...especially the Blue Spruce....and they do.

I have a Colorado Blue Spruce in my yard...a big one...and this candle is that scent.  And there were a few that caught me pleasantly off when I melt them today I will do a review of both cold and warmed.

I will say they are worth a try.  Remember everyone perceives scent differently so what I may love you may not.  The great thing about wax is this....

You will either like it or hate it.  Sometimes scents grow on you and sometimes they don't.  For a small price, you can try a snippet of the melt and if you hate it... pass it on to another candle lover.  That's what I do.

And if you love it... BUY MORE.  I am still kicking myself at not buying more of the Fresh Baked Bread melts.  OMG they are such a soul warming scent for your home.

Here are the new melts:

  • peppermint kiss
  • autumn wreath
  • ginger snow angel
  • blue spruce
  • snow day
  • white pumpkin
And can be found here.

Happy Scenting, and much love.


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