Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Did you see it? I did....Sweet and similar yet different....

July 23, 2013

So I am in now from more than an hours worth of grass cutting (in extreme heat) and weed pulling....thank you rain drops.....and I am showered and smelling wonderful thanks to Capri Seaside Citrus everything.

As I am stuffing a Tastykake Krimpet into my mouth, the Bath and Body Works homepage is slowly flipping back and forth of all of their sales for the day and ....I saw it.

Similar yet a bit different.  Did you notice?  The Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin bottles?

Here are  the ads.... now look again after I told you what to look for.

 Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 2012  Bottle

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 2013 design....

The bottle from last year is part of the VIP TOTE, and the next ad for the Buy three get three free sale...is showing what I would bet is the new packaging.  Similar, yet.... but the pumpkin is facing the opposite way and the font used for the word Pumpkin is changed. ( I  know what your thinking....years spent as a proofreader and I never take the time to correct my own misspellings... haha and I notice this)

Pretty....  and I can' wait to see the rest of the line...