Monday, January 20, 2014

Bath & Body Works | #bbwinsiders | MAD ABOUT YOU | product review: body lotion

January 20, 2014
I received a beautiful white box today and inside surrounded with pink tissue and purple paper I found a full sized Pink colored Body Lotion in the new Signature scent  MAD ABOUT YOU shared with me from Bath & Body Works for their #bbwinsiders to try.
This past weekend while shopping in a favorite Bath and Body Works store, the stores manager went into the back and got out the preview EDP for me to try it. Sadly this scent did not blend well with my bodies chemistry to produce the same beautiful scent that was on her and in the bottle.  What I picked out most on myself was the patchouli and while I love that earthy scent in other forms, the dry down on me was a bit too strong and not what I prefer as my signature scents.  I do like to smell clean and fresh and feminine and while this smells great in the bottle it does change for me...on me.
When I smell the lotion in the bottle it's a touch of fruity and a bit similar to some of the other scents B&BW offers.. And I found myself putting it up to my nose to smell it now over and over again as it is intoxicating and romantic. It reminded me a lot of what a great shampoo smells like. Silly, I know.  But honest.
February 3rd, Mad About You is set to Launch and what perfect timing for Valentines Day! 
I would recommend that you go into a Bath and Body Works store and try it out in both the lotion as well as the fragrance mist.  Sometimes you get a different take on a scent in a different form so you should give both a try.

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