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Bath & Body Works | Theme Floorset | Names | Spring 2014

January 19, 2014

As what usually happens for me there is so much information out, then a lull at holiday time comes as it winds down and Semi Annual Sale starts up. Then a ton of more information as Spring (phase I) starts.  And over the past few weeks I have posted so many blogs showing so many new items that are coming for this first floor set for Spring that we are all pretty much aware and are just waiting for it to finally happen. No sooner will all of this be happening when we will start to slip into other Signature scents coming as well as new themes.

With today's blog, I will try to get these into some order hoping not to miss anything.  Keep in mind while reading this, while I do know the scent names and notes and such, the actual timing of the release of these floor sets is still unset as far as I know...for sure.  I mean I am told things and almost every time the info is spot on...but things also get changed at the drop of a hat.

Please don't be upset with me if one line comes out before another does. This is all just to keep all of us fellow fragrance fans updated with the new coming out so we don't spend all of our money elsewhere.  Haha.

I don't work for Bath & Body Works, and it wouldn't be good if I did because then I wouldn't be able to have a blog and share all of this with you. ;)

Also note that when these come out....there will be home fragrance that matches as well as soaps and sanitizers.  Where I know exactly what scent will come in what form I will make note...otherwise we will find out closer to release.

We have 5-6 months and in that time we have Valentines Day, Mothers Day and pre-Summer to think about. My lists are at the bottom of this blog from what I remember that were the floor set themes from the past few years. Which can help give us maybe an idea of how things will come this year.  We have started out YEARS BEFORE with Tropical scents in both Home Fragrance and Body care, and this year its just a repeat of some favorite TROPICAL scents in HF and a redo for SAS of paradise themed soaps. No tropical-paradise body care.

Now moving into February we are seeing a trio of scents (AIR SKY and SUN)  and a launch of Mad About You. Sort of like they did last year with a relaunch of Forever Red and adding in The Sweethearts.

March usually brings us Fresh Picked things so I am guessing we can expect them, then. And maybe the French Lavender and/or Provence lines too.  Gosh I do love lavender and hopefully these are done well.

I am thinking the World Gardens body care is going to sneak in like last years Wild Gardens did along side a beachy themed scent. And South Beach Sun may be targeted in the Malibu heat slot.  Again...speculation.

However they intend on doing it, we will have many months of new-ness to sniff and love.

So starting a little way back...skipping Forever Midnight....Midnight for Men (coming out  in stores February for valentines day)  and Forever Red Vanilla Rum....

*Velvet Sugar (signature body care)
red velvet crème, golden plum  sugared musk
Daily Trio: fine fragrance mist, shower gel, body lotion
Triple Moisture Cream
3oz travel
Eau De Parfum
Luxury Bubble Bath
new shimmer diamond mist
new whipped shimmer body cream (limited time only)

Home Fragrance

Tiki Beach
Carribean Escape
Island Margarita
Beach Cabana
Coconut Leaves
Pineapple Mango
Peach Bellini
Soap and Sanitizers


Home Fragrance
London Calling
Paris Daydream
Cheers to Capri
Aloha Waikiki
American Boardwalk
Tokyo Petals
Rio Glow
Sydney Harbor
South Beach Sun
Bermuda Break

Soaps and Sanitizers
aloha Hawaii
cherry London
fruit punch las vegas
golden apple new York
wildberry Chicago
*Violet Lily SKY
(fruity floral fresh) fresh violet blooms, sparkling bergamot, whipped lily petals
*Pear Blossom AIR
(crisp green fresh) crisp green pear, fresh gardenia, white musk
*Golden Magnolia SUN
( sensual fresh) pink magnolia, golden apricot, sensual vanilla
Daily Trio: fine fragrance mist, shower gel, body lotion
Triple Moisture Cream
3oz travel
glowing scrub
new shimmer diamond mist
* Sweet Shop

Home Fragrance
lemon drops
watermelon lemonade
cinnamon sugar doughnut
frosted cupcake
raspberry peach macaron
strawberry sorbet
red velvet cupcake
pink lemonade pound cake
pink bubble gum
Soap and Sanitizer
Plum Berry Sorbet
Sugar Berry Shortcake
Orange Creamsicle Swirl
Fresh Honeydew Lemonade
Pink Vanilla Macron
Lemon Chiffon Tart
Strawberry Parfait
Strawberry Cheesecake
Ice Cream Dream
Kettle Corn Pop
Cotton Candy Bliss
*Mad About You (signature body care)
black currant, bright peony, vanilla musk

Daily Trio: fine fragrance mist, shower gel, body lotion
Triple Moisture Cream
3oz travel
Eau De Toilette
Luxury Bubble Bath
preview .25oz edp
new shimmer diamond mist
new diamond polish
new whipped shimmer body cream (limited time only


*Fresh Picked
(body care to be announced)
Home Fragrance

Fresh Mint Leaf
Market Peach
Garden Strawberry
Lilac Blossom
Honeysuckle Bouquet
Pink Passion Fruit
Snap peas
Pomelo Grapefruit
Soaps and Sanitizers
Sweet Tangerine
Meyer Lemon
Garden Strawberry
Market Peach
Pink Passion Fruit
Tuscan melon
Lemon Mint Leaf

*French Lavender and Honey: (signature body care)
(floral musk) flowering French lavender, nectarine de provence, sun kissed honey

Almond and Honey
Apricot and Honey
Wild Iris and  Honey
Provence Home Fragrance
Springtime in Provence 2014
Provence Garden 2014
Sun Drenched Vine Yard 2014
French Lavender 2014
Lemon Verbena 2014
Citron Cedar Wood 2014
Wild Poppies 2014

Provence Soaps and Sanitizers:
Mediterranean Lemon
Sun drenched Vineyards
Mandarin Citron
Provence Garden
Lavender Blossom
Wild Poppies
*World Gardens
London Tulips and Black Berry Tea:
(fruity floral) English garden tulips, sparkling raspberry tea, white sandalwood
Morocco Orchid and pink Amber:
( floral oriental) Marrakesh orchid, pink amber, creamy vanilla
Tokyo Lotus and  Apple Blossom:
(floral gourmand) cherry red lotus, Japanese apple blossom, crisp mandarin zest
*Hawaii Collection:

Hawaiian Passionfruit Kiss:
(fruity floral) kona mountain passion fruit, white papaya blossom, creamy macadamia
Maui Hibiscus Beach:
(floral fruity) refreshing star fruit, tropical hibiscus, mango wood
Oahu Coconut Sunset:
(fruity gourmand) coconut blossom, pink tiger lily, molten amber

Hawaiian Home fragrance:( some were the test scents )
Black Sands
Rainforest Sugarcane
Pineapple Palm Grass
White Orchid Lei
Lankai Coconut
Hawaiian Hibiscus
Island Waters
Mahalo Maui
Red Guava Lava
Mango Dragon Fruit

Hawaiian Soap and Sanitizers:
Honolulu Sun
Wild Passion Flower
Aloha Orchid
Mango Hibiscus
Island White Pineapple
Rainforest Sugarcane


*Endless Weekend: (signature body care)
(fruity musk) summer mandarin, sun kissed magnolia, vanilla sandalwood

Home fragrance
perfect wave
coastal sun
pacific coast highway
sunset beach
turquoise waters
beach day
endless weekend
coastal driftwood
Soaps and Sanitizers:
Pacific Cool Breeze
Coastal Surf and Sun
Perfect Beach Day
Malibu Sunset
Sea Side Blooms
Citrus Sunshine

*South Beach Sun (I think new for late spring early summer)
Daily Trio: fine fragrance mist, shower gel, body lotion
Triple Moisture Cream
3oz travel
Eau De Toilette
Luxury Bubble Bath
golden sugar scrub
new shimmer diamond mist


Old themes for the first half of the years shown
1.14 paradise
2.4 forever red |sweethearts
3.4 fresh picked
3.29 beautiful day
4.1 beautiful day
5.13 pure paradise
6.12 sas

1.16 tropical carnival
2.6 pink chiffon
3.5 fresh picked
4.2 Americas favorites
5.18 boardwalk | Malibu | wild garden
6.12 sas

2.7 carried away
2.25 jcb
3.18 fresh picked
4.15 country chic
5.9 into the wild
5.23 coconuts
6.9 sas

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