Friday, January 31, 2014

Bath & Body Works | St. Particks Day Pocketbac | Order #2 | and more

January 31, 2014
In a corner of my Bath and Body Works store you will see the Mad about You display of products set up as well as a few in the center on a round of other 3 step ritual signatures.  Nothing big.  Since I can't wear the scent I checked out the other things new in the store.
Nothing more for Sweet Shop that I can buy... but I did get some pics and I got some new pocketbacs.  Not like I need any more new, but it is like girls and shoes and purses.  If one is good...then I want two.
I grabbed a few of the bunnies and a heart scentportable and called it a day.  More photos later.
Sunday night the floor set for Sweet Shop will be done so Monday I will be checking it out after doctor appointments and an MRI.
My local JCPenny store was clearancing out some of their white line of dishes and I grabbed this cake platter reduced for $9.97.  I found a great top also on sale for $15.99 reduced down from $27 and remembered I had a reward certificate that expires today worth $10.00 so I got my cake plate for free.
My B&BW order arrived today with my free three thank you again B&BW for the two free candles and hand soap along with free shipping. I bought these Christmas things {first pic} to go with the last order of Christmas things for a gift basket. Snowman soap, candles, wallflowers, bulbs, oil and oil burner. One more order yet to come.

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