Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Sweet Shop vs. Bake Shop

 January 28, 2014
Anxious to see the floor set for Sweet Shop I was thinking about all of the things we have seen so far that have been coming into stores already and wondering what more is to come.
I know about the kitchen towels and I posted a pic of them a week ago, as well as more pedestal candle holders.  I know it is going to be done in shades of pink and black and when I was looking at this cookie jar picture it got me to thinking.  I will get to that in a moment...but first let me talk about this cookie jar.
For me, they missed out on having a huge...I would have bought it....seller.  Two colors?  Really?  You make us both Christmas and Halloween houses with a bit more detail and color. A sweet shop could have been ADORABLE.  While I get the design and colors, to fit in most home decors without looking childish... I would have gone with more color.  And the price is a bit much.  $60.00?  The large reindeer and polar bear cost only $25.00 years ago.... sure, sure prices go up on things.  But even with a 20% off coupon it will still be a wee bit pricey.
So anyway, I was thinking about this look racking my brain what it reminded me of.  Nothing.  Then I was cleaning out my closet and hanging in the back was one of these bags.  From September 2011 I think it was when the Bake Shop line released...(pictures found on the internet labeled simply pinterest).
I really loved those scents....and now I am even more anxious to see it all put out. 

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