Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vera Bradley | QVC todays special value | show items | January 9th, 2014

January 8, 2014
For those of us Vera Bradley Handbag lovers tomorrow, January 9th, 2014 there will be a new release of the Spring 2014 patterns
{ Citron, Clementine, Julep Tulip and Blue Bayou }
Vera Bradley Signature Print Travel Duffel Bag
and QVC will be having a TSV and also release some new items in these patterns.  I called customer service this morning and got a list of most of the new items coming in tomorrows four shows.  I don't want to say all of the items because they do add a few here and there that may not have been listed for customer service, so if your around and watching you may see something I don't have listed.  But I get this list and share it because I know I love to get a head start on seeing if there is something I want to have the item number handy as things sell out quick once the show starts.
I am not sure what I think of these patterns yet.  I did see Clementine at my Hallmark store and it is pretty.  I just love to have something really fresh and unique for summertime and spring so I need to watch it myself to see how the patterns look.
The link posted for the TSV is not showing the price it will be tonight at midnight so please check back later for an update.
Vera Bradley 12am-2am
(all item numbers begin with an A)
TSV A7512 travel duffel bag
Emily Satchel 253629
Grand Cargo 256025
Curvy Tote 256023
All in one Cross body 254618
Tablet Tote 256019
Pushlock Wristlet 232827
Small Duffel 235527
Tablet Sleeve 235163
Get Carried Away and diddy 255190
Two Way Tote 235158
Little Mandy 235522
Slick and Chic Wallet 256024
Vera Bradley 10am - 11am
some of the previous items will also be shown here if still available
Cross body play tote 253652
Grand Cosmetic 254616
LapTop Backpack 256017
Travel bag with slim cosmetic 237330
Wallet 25057
Smartphone Wristlet 231188
Staright up and Curl 253673
Vera Bradley 5pm - 6pm
again, some previous items and:
Mini Turnlock Cross Body bag 253666
Glenna 237328
Petite Tote 240569
Play Wallet 253672
Elit Hobo 253661
Vera Bradley 9pm - 11pm show
Previous items as well as:
Bucket Tote 256026
Frannie with Zip id case 252431
Cross Body 256021
City Shoulder Bag 253663
Bucket handle Tote 256018
2 Way Tote 235158
To see pictures of the actual bags before they hit QVC online, visit Vera Bradley

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