Friday, January 24, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Sweet Shop | Mini Cake Pedestal | flower half sleeve

January 24, 2014
After two days of reading "s-candle-gate" and everyone's varying points of view.... either grabbing the torches and storming the castle to get the hairy ogre or simply stating it is what it is { my thoughts} I headed to a mall to check things out there for myself. 
Imagine my surprise to see this....
I walked in, checked out the Diamond Mist first thing.  I would have taken a picture of it on because I had my phone in my hand but I forgot while talking with the SA.  I asked about the Black Tie candle for my brothers girl and they had one left so I got that for $8.00.  It wasn't marked down 75%.  And in wandering over to the tower to get it I noticed the wall with the Sweet Shop soaps, caddy, mini candles, 3 wick candles and pocketbacs had these little cutie pedestals on it.
Priced at $10.50 each... yes I know a bit pricey for a tiny thing that measures not even 6" tall but it is sooo cute for a mini candle I could not resist.  And apparently the tag is insinuating that there may be a bigger guy for the 3 wicks coming because there is no way it's fitting on this platform of 3" across. 
Now I did post a picture of  pedestal with a candle on it previously (above) and it was metal that matched that cute soap caddy.  A few more days wait and all will be out. And no, I do not know what I will do with the tiny cake pedestal or where I will put it yet but I do so love it.  It's very girly.  Like me.
There was a metal soap half sleeve above the Sweet Shop soaps so I grabbed that too.  $7.50 is a bit much for something that will only sit on my sink and rust...but it too was too cute to pass up and I will find a good home for it. It just made me think spring when the temperatures here were zero plus a few.
Five sweet shop pocketbacs and I was done shopping for the day. 
I am here looking at the little gingham pink tag on the pedestal...Be Sweet.  I do try my very best everyday.  Thanks for the reminder.

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