Thursday, January 9, 2014

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January 9, 2014
I know after posting six blogs of all new item pictures, with more to come, showing some old store purchases today seems silly.  But I like to journal everything so here are my semi annual sale store finds from todays visit.
My store was pretty empty today both in people shopping and in products for sale, but I saw the new spring candles were added to the wall.... (tropics line) and the travel sized signature trio was at the counter for sale.  The sales associate told me they are getting shipments every day now and so much new is coming in, that they were told they are most likely going to push up the floor set for the 16th instead of the 20th.  After seeing all of this newness today, all I can say is...hand me a box and let me help.
The candle sale was going on, the $9.00 for select clearance, but I passed on those and instead grabbed some of the 50% off 4oz candles.  That size is on its way out and they can be fussy, but I did love these scents pictured so I went for it.  Adding in the new trio of scents to give them a try.
My thoughts  on those.
Pear Blossom Air smells great in the bottle.  Not on me. 
Golden Magnolia Sun is light and a redo of something in the bottle and worse on me.
Violet Lily Sky smelled great in the bottle and incredible on me and it's love and first sniff.   I think for these scents you should go into the store and either buy the three for the $6.00 price and try each one for yourself, or try them in the store.  Don't just sniff the bottle as you know the scents change when on and mixing with your own chemistry.
Even though there is a new Signature scent coming for Valentines Day called Mad About You, if your planning on gifting something to friends or sisters these would be cute to add in for the price.

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