Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Sale information for January 13th | New Items

January 12, 2014
Springtime in Provence 2014
Provence Garden 2014
Mediterranean Iris 2014
Sun Drenched VineYard 2014
French Lavender 2014
Lemon Verbena 2014
Sugarberry Spritzer
Watermelon Lemonade
I got a few more pieces of new information I want to get posted before I forget.

As I posted a few days ago there is a new scent coming out for Valentines Day by Bath & Body Works called Mad About You and the #bbwinsiders will be getting a sample of it to try shortly and report our reviews.

There will be a preview in store to try for $4.00 so watch for it.  I know you knew this, I just wanted it journaled.

The new Sweet Shop Hand soaps that are out...or coming out in stores shortly will be replaced February 23rd on the official release date with the NEW BOTTLE DESIGN.
The production was already going before the change in bottle design so don't be surprised to see them in the new shapes that we were shown on Black Friday with the Kitchen Lemon product.
I assumed when I posted the new pictures of the Diamond Shimmer Mists days ago that they had Diamond something in them.  I was correct.
When the Sweet Shop line comes out there will be at least ONE adorable cupcake pocketbac holder...
Tomorrow January 13th, 2014
ALL of the Old packaging of BODY LOTION is going 75% off
Does NOT include Bali Mango, Aruba Coconut, Capri Seaside Citrus, Rome Honeysuckle, or the Paris Body Lotions...those will stay at the $4 price
 mini candles going 75% 
ALL the pocketbacs that have been on the sale will be going 75%
All the lip glosses that have been on sale are going 75%

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