Friday, January 24, 2014

Victoria's Secret | Wear and Pair

January 24, 2014

I do have things that need to get done but I found now that I am browsing the Vickies web page I am interested in seeing what they have new out for spring 2014 now that the dust from their clearance sale is clearing.  For those who shopped it I hope you found some things that make you feel wonderful and special...because we all are.  Buy for yourself and if he happens to like it...even better.  Just a bit of wisdom from a 50 year old whose been married more than half her life.  Now back to what I see new.

Wear & Pair.

I love it.  because it is basic dressing 101.  Find key pieces that are staple pieces for your wardrobe in neutral colors and coordinate.  A jacket, (soft construction for spring/summer), shorts, a skirt...tee and tank and comfy pants.

And, yes I see those prices.  Not too cheap I know.  Not many of us can buy this wardrobe.  But you can always take this thinking into a clothes shop that is a bit more reasonable and budget wary to your needs and apply it there.  Walmart, Target, Lands End, Macy's know what I mean.  Where ever  it is you shop for things you love...use these ideas as guides.  
Set a budget and check your closet.  If you haven't worn it in two years, truth is you probably won't.  Pass it on to a charity or woman's group that can enjoy it. Women of Domestic Violence sometimes leave with nothing  and so often victims of fire put out a call for help and your clothes could aide someone more than you can know.
Paying it forward in small ways.
Then as you can afford to, get a new white tee shirt and a jacket.  Maybe new shorts or a skirt. I know this time of year I take all of my clothes ( I feel very blessed you have no idea)  and go through what I want to keep and what I can share. Then I know better what I may want new, if anything.
 The key is to know what you have...and work from there.
Happy Pairing!

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