Thursday, January 30, 2014

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January 30, 2014

It is a blustery 21 degrees here in my town today and it actually feels like a heat wave is coming through. Considering we have had zero, below zero and single digits, anything higher than 9 is a plus.  I am ready for some spring any time now.  Not the heat like August brings....just a bit of thaw would be nice.

Speaking of spring, today Bath and Body Works should have or is going to be doing their MAD ABOUT YOU floor set and Sunday the new Sweet Shop set will also be done.  Online some new products showed up and I did another order to get my pedestals through them.  While a survey coupon will save me $10 off of the total price in store, the generosity of B&BW now with a bottle of their new hand soap for free and other goodies makes it well worth while.

While I love the pedestal for the mini candle...I think its out of proportion and it kind of looked that way.  The distance from the base of the pedestal to the top is so much greater than the height of the mini candle...I am going to use a piece of tacky clay and attach a nice plate to the top.  This way the pedestals will match and I can get two different heights for my three wicks...or anything else I may want to put on the plate.
I also saw the website had some fresh picked pocketbacs shown but they had the wrong name for them, calling them the carnival line.  Not long after I got the picture to post on my facebook page, they were removed from the web page.
There are plenty of mason jars coming and the fresh picked as well as the sweet shop are now available also online.  Thankfully they stayed the same price.  I guess their wicks aren't hand picked? ;)
Now for some other news:

The Provence line is definitely coming out including the body care products.  Floor sets are already designed and wow.

The Hawaii line is definitely coming out including body care products and its floor set is full of bright colors, palm fronds and hibiscus flowers.

Fresh Picked is ready to go as well and the fresh picked soaps are definitely a permanent thing.

Coastal Cool is currently out being tested and while there is no big tadah about it yet I am guessing it will be one of those that could pop up more closer to summer say the end of May or mid June if all goes well test wise.

There isn't too much more I CAN show you yet but when it's possible I will.

I posted some links to Josh's YOUTUBE recent videos showing us great comparisons of the latest candles out for test and for market on my Facebook page so please stop by and check them out. Here is his Facebook page as well.

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