Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bath & Body Works | new spring purchases

January 18, 2014

I never really expected to be writing 19 blogs last night and so far 7 today but when you get all of this great information handed to you to decipher and share you really need to just take the time and get it done before you forget anything.

And to Spring 2014 Bath and Body Works wise I say....pretty colorful.

Let me start with my visit to the store today. After SNOW SHOVELING again. 
It had a few customers wandering around looking for deals in the now everything is 75% off bins.  I was told they would be there for a day or so yet, but the floor set coming this Sunday will still allow some of the SAS merchandise as part of it rather than packing it up for another semi annual.  Personally my thoughts are this.  Give the customers what they want and drop all of that to 90% off and get it DONE. The longer they remain in the bins, the worse off the condition the items are becoming.

I was also told that the people coming in are complaining as they are looking for new products and seeing the walls filled with "new" candles that they....."caught on" that the candles are renamed and they are unhappy about it.  Really?  Your figuring this out now?  We have all known about this practice forever.  Why weren't you listening? And they should be a bit miffed.  I mean if you as a company want to have a core selection of true blue never fail people love me kind of candles...then keep them and their names... Like we do signature fragrances.

Leave them out all year long tucked in a corner and every so often update the label like you do every so often update the signatures labels.

Then work on you new scents for the seasons or themes.  If they fail...move on to more.  People want new....occasionally.  Give us what we love and we will give you our business.

And there was some new Spring here and there scattered around the store. The scentportables are out and the room sprays.  The Table of the $8.00 candles.....oh, yes I store had the candles on sale today for $8.00 all stacked with scented yumminess.  And the walls were full of new spring --all of those candles online and what I have pictured for months now along with the sleeves to match.
The accessories rack was draped with assorted adorable gift bags both paper and vinyl as well as socks. A few others that we haven't seen yet.  Bumble Bee socks. Bzzz Bzzzz. Pic to follow.

The pocketbacs were waiting for me to grab them so I obliged...but just a few to start.  They are all cute and adorable but I only got a few now for me and a few as a gift for a favorite little girl whose the grand-daughter of a dear friend to me.  Yes, I am slowly turning her to the bubbles-side....;) And J and I are BBW BFFs.

She is getting the Octopus  holder for her birthday next week and the Hula Hippo (as I like to call her) along with the hula girls nail files, yellow gift bag and matching pocketbacs for Valentines Day.  I have learned some time ago that if you want some pocketbacs when you see them, grab them because when the theme launches or you think too long about them they will be gone.

I also grabbed the South Beach Sun new wallflower that was out to give it a try.  As I noted in one of the blogs yesterday I found out that name should be a new signature line coming out soon so I wanted to see what it smelled like.  The 4oz candle jar as the tester smelled pretty good  and from that would be awesome in body care...but I want to try the wallflower warm before talking more about it.

With all of the new that I have been posting pictures of I kind of knew what the floor set is going to have and I know I can't wait to see the launch of the Sweet Shop.  I especially can't wait to see the full sized cookie jar and kitchen towels.  We know that with all floor sets... we only see so much new early and then are shown a bunch of other things when its launched.

I asked about the Mad About You preview and the manager went in the back and sprayed me with it. does not blend on me well at all.  I let it dry down and couldn't wait to get it washed off.  I can't remember now which preview I had before that had this same smell to it on me but the EDP that I tried was not pleasant...on me.  When I get my #bbwinsiders MAU item to review I will try that as well and go into more details.

There are so many new lines/themes of things coming....It seems they all are launching so close to one another.  I am doing another blog now of all of the floor sets trying to combine the items in groups to make seeing them easier.

I also wrote out every candle name, body care item...well pretty much everything broken down into what is available. Again, new things are coming out all of the time but this will give us all an idea of what we can expect for a little bit.

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