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Mahalo Maui | Bath & Body Works | Spring 2014 Destination Candle Review #bbwinsiders

January 13, 2104
One day last week I received my #bbwinsider candle from Bath and Body Works to review but I have been so busy taking down holiday items I never got a chance to burn it yet.  And I wanted to be sure my review of it wasn't only a lift the lid and tell you it smelled nice... because it did... but an in depth with pictures 'here's what I think' kind of review.  Thank you again Bath & Body Works for giving me the opportunity to review this and my opinion of this candle is mine alone, truthful and honest and not because I received this at no cost to me.
The website now has Mahalo Maui on it for sale and the notes are these:
Go an instant vacation with a blend inspired by our favorite Hawaiian island featuring notes of passion fruit, white flowers and a hint of soft musk. Let's luau!
This is definitely a tropical feel candle and for me the cold scent was as expected and nice.   I began burning my candle at 10am this morning in a tall glass cylinder { my normal routine way of burning to eliminate fire hazards}.
The wicks were perfect and lit quickly and the wax pooled as it should in a matter of minutes.
I immediately started to smell fragrance in the room I was working in.
To me this smelled like simply, pineapples and coconuts. Very tropical and made me think of summertime, but I did notice a hint of smokey-ness.  Not like a fireside candle where the scent was added but almost as if the wicks themselves were too hot and giving off an unpleasant smell along with the wax oils.
I burned it for two hours and as you can see the wax pool is perfect and the scent is strong with a very good throw.  I smelled the fragrance all throughout my upstairs.  The closer to the candle I got though I did smell that underlying unpleasant scent.
I do not cut the wicks when I burn, as I feel they take care of themselves and keep the wax melting correctly.  They didn't get out of control and spark or do anything they should have.  This candle burned perfectly, the scent carried and filled my home as it should.
If you love pineapple and coconut scented candles, you should definitely give Bath & Body Works Mahalo Maui a try.
Personally, I will continue to burn it to see if the smell I encountered was a one time only event or part of the candle itself and I will pass on any other purchases of this Mahalo Maui.
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