Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bath & Body Works | price increases

January 22, 2014
It is inevitable you know....
death...taxes....and the price increase of Bath & Body Works candles. 
 Yet every time it happens, people take a fit over it...posting everywhere how unfair it is and how they are Never going to buy them again...blah blah...blah..  
Then some time passes and the grumbling filters down to white noise and these same people are the ones reaching for the candles in front of you and posting pictures of their hauls.  ha ha
Human nature.
We don't like something and we say so.  That doesn't mean it is going to change anything, but we make our voices heard anyway.
I shake my head at both.
Only because on the same Face Book page of all of this outrage are the postings of photos of everyone's last few days of SAS shopping where they got these same three wick candles in the store for $5.00 then three something after the survey coupon.
Hmm, I am not seeing too many thank you postings.
I get it, don't get me wrong.  I know all about the clearance tables and even wrote the other day if you want to clear out the tables of bins...drop the prices and we will do it.  But I am also not here complaining about the price increase.  Because I get that too.
We are spoiled.  We are accustomed to our survey savings and free item coupons to get us back in the store...and we think that the two for twenty candle sale was going to stay around forever.
We want to buy our candles cheap...and hoard them...and when the next line comes out we think we should be able to walk our extras back into the store and exchange those for the new....and the company is suppose to like it.
Then when they save all of our returns and exchanges for sas we want to rebuy them for pennies on the dollar.
A vicious cycle.
When the candles were 2/$20, and we could do phone orders with test stores I bought one of everything that was new and that appealed to me.  Then the price snuck up to 2/$22 and I noticed for myself I cut back a lot.  Adding in that they now stopped phone orders for candles at test stores...I have cut back even more.  I called CR and did the whole phone order with them and got what they had of the scents that appealed to me that I thought would not launch all while not being allowed to use a survey.  And I was right on most of them.  Out of all of the candles I ordered and tried, I really loved only the Fleur de Provence...and that did not launch. entire lavender line is coming so I am thrilled.
Now that candles are 2/$25 (3/37.50) I will be more selective with my choices and will most likely not be ordering all of the tests to write out reviews.  I still got all of the names (some scents notes) of all of the new candles out and coming out posted on my blogs for everyone to either find in their stores or watch for them to launch. And I am happy with that. As soon as I can, I will also get all of the scent notes done.
While putting laundry in the dryer I checked my candle cabinet and saw I have a nice assortment of candles to burn of scents I enjoy.  Granted, there are a few in there that are not to my liking...but I will burn them or gift them.  And when the new come to the store if I like them enough to buy them I will pay what they want...or I will walk away.
Everything has gone up in price everywhere....check out the grocery store.  Wow. Talk about sticker shock. Who can we complain to about that?
And in B&BW....from Signature scents items right down to pocketbacs it is pennies here and dollars there changing what we can get now.  Grumble about it?  Sure.  But I think corporations hear more in the dollars not spent shown at their quarterly meetings than some voices on a Face Book page.
If you like it..or love it..and can afford it and enjoy.
If you feel its priced too high...wait a bit. You will see it soon enough at SAS and then posted as someone's haul photo.

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