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Bath & Body Works | Spring 2014 | updated

January 16, 2014
spring street
available in 3 wick and minis
  •  lemon drops--
    • That magnificent mouth-puckering mixture of sweet and tart is captured in this blend of fresh lemon zest, sugar crystals and a hint of vanilla
  • watermelon lemonade--
    • Quench your thirst for long, summer days with this refreshing mixture of watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons
  • cinnamon sugar doughnut--
    • Share the delight of a freshly-baked vanilla cake doughnut covered in sugar crystals and crushed cinnamon
  • frosted cupcake--
    • A true sweet tooth's delight – fresh vanilla bean, sugar, cake batter and rich buttercream frosting mix it up and create an irresistible scent
  • raspberry peach macaron--
    • The ultimate French cookie is celebrated in a unique blend of ripe raspberries, juicy peach and almond cream
  • strawberry sorbet--
    • A cool, new treat to delight your senses, sorbet made from the sweetest, sun-ripened strawberries, spun sugar and a touch of vanilla
  • red velvet cupcake--
    • Treat yourself to the most popular cupcake in the bakery –scrumptious red velvet cake topped with rich, creamy vanilla frosting
  • pink bubble gum--
    • A fragrance you can really sink your teeth into with notes of pink sugar cane, juicy watermelon and a hint of vanilla
Sweet Shop Pocket-Bacs:
  • Plum Berry Sorbet
  • Sugar Berry Shortcake
  • Orange Creamsicle Swirl
  • Fresh Honeydew Lemonade
  • Pink Vanilla Macron
  • Lemon Chiffon Tart

These I am unsure of if there is a separate "theme" name for them. Three of them remind me of at first glance,  Movie Theater goodies.  And they don't match the Sweet Shop theme labels above so we can only see what name these may have when they are part of a floor set. The Strawberry Parfait may also belong to a dessert line or something.  But I am including them here until we know for sure.
  • Strawberry Parfait
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Ice Cream Dream
  • Kettle Corn Pop
  • Cotton Candy Bliss
Hand Soaps: deep cleansing and foaming ( new soap formula coming later in February)
  • Plum Berry Sorbet--Lightly scented with a tempting blend of sweet plum, juicy blackberry and sugarcane

  • Sugar Berry Shortcake--Lightly scented with a yummy blend of luscious strawberries, fresh whipped cream and spun sugar

  • Orange Creamsicle Swirl-Lightly scented with a dreamy blend of Valencia orange sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream and crushed mango

  • Fresh Honeydew Lemonade--Lightly scented with a mouthwatering blend of freshly squeezed lemons, juicy honeydew and sweet yellow watermelon

  • Pink Vanilla Macron--Lightly scented with a scrumptious blend of pink passionfruit, red raspberries and fresh vanilla cream

  • Lemon Chiffon--Lightly scented with an enticing blend of sweet meyer lemon, grapefruit nectar and verbena blossom
Pocket-Bac Holders:

Candles:(some were test and may not make the nation wide launch)
  • aloha Waikiki--
    • An exquisite fusion of Plumeria petals, Tiare blossoms and a hint of sugarcane.
  • Sydney harbor--
    • Experience Australia's most beautiful harbor city with a blend of salt waters, exhilarating eucalyptus and bamboo wood. Visit the land down under!
  • London calling--
    • Delight your mates with a fragrance fit for the Queen. A royal blend of tea, lemon and sugar transport your senses across the pond.
  • mahalo maui--
    • Go an instant vacation with a blend inspired by our favorite Hawaiian island featuring notes of passion fruit, white flowers and a hint of soft musk. Let's luau!
  • cheers to capri--
    • Raise your glass to this fragrance inspired by Italy’s beloved drink, Limoncello, with its notes of Sorrento lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest! Drink in the beauty of Italy!
  • American boardwalk--
    • Like memories of the best summer spent at the beach - caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples and salted, sweet cream
  • paris daydream--
    • Rendezvous in the City of Love with our "Oh, so French" blend of watery notes, moss and mandarin.
  • rio glow--
    • A tantalizing blend of tropical mango, papaya and guava as vibrant as Rio's Carnival!
  • electric toykyo (petals)--
    • An exotic combination of Japanese iced sake, delicate cherry blossoms and a hint of berries. Arigato Japan!

CHICAGO- wild berry
HAWAII -aloha
VEGAS - fruit punch
LONDON - cherry
ROME - lime
PARIS - berry
NEW YORK- golden apple
PocketBac Holder:
  •  toyko petals
  • cheers to capri
  • American boardwalk
  • rio glow

  • carribean escape
  • beach cabana
  • coconut leaves
  • Oceanside
  • peach bellini
  • tiki beach
  • pineapple mango
  • island margarita

  • Octopus
  • Parrot
  • turtle
 Tiki Beach Home Fragrance Oil - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

Beach Cabana Wallflowers 2-Pack Refills - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksTiki Beach Wallflowers 2-Pack Refills - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works
Aloha Hawaii Line

SIGNATURE : Air, Sky, Sun
Available in these forms:
Fine Fragrance Mist
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Triple Moisture Cream
Glowing Body Scrub
Lip Gloss
Travel sized Products
Violet Lily Sky | A sheer blend of fresh violet blossoms, sparkling bergamot & lily petals.

Pear Blossom Air | A light blend of crisp pear, fresh gardenia & white musk.

Golden Magnolia Sun | A luminous blend of pink magnolia & golden apricot with a touch of vanilla

Full Sized Lotion
Fine Fragrance Mist:

3 oz lotions
 Travel Size Body Lotion Trio - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
Travel Mist and Shower Gel:
Full Size Shower Gel
Full Sized Triple Moisture Cream

Glowing Body Scrub


Lip Gloss
Signature Pocketbacs:
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Aqua Blossom
  • Paris Amour
  • Carribean Escape
  • Sweet Pea
  • Dancing Waters
  • Pink Chiffon
  • beautiful day
  • pure paradise
  • warm vanilla sugar 
Pocketbac Holders:
  • lamb
  • butterfly
  • disks
SIGNATURE : Mad About You

For Valentines Day

soft peonies | black currant  |kissed with creamy vanilla musk 

 Additional Signature items:

New-- Diamond Shimmer Mist

Amber Blush
Paris Amour
Beautiful Day
Cashmere Glow
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Pink Chiffon
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Twilight Woods
Fresh Picked Spring 2014
lilac blossom
market peach
lemon mint leaf


Market Peach Home Fragrance Oil - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksLemon Mint Leaf Home Fragrance Oil - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksLilac Blossom Home Fragrance Oil - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works
honeysuckle bouquet
lemon mint leaf
market peach
garden strawberry
lilac blossom

Honeysuckle Bouquet 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksLemon Mint Leaf 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksMarket Peach 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksGarden Strawberry 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksLilac Blossom 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works
Room Sprays:
  • Springtime in Provence 2014
  • Provence Garden 2014
  • Mediterranean Iris 2014
  • Sun Drenched Vine Yard 2014
  • French Lavender 2014
  • Lemon Verbena 2014
  • Citron Cedar Wood 2014
  • Wild Poppies 2014
  • Sugarberry Spritzer
  • Sundress
  • Honey Suckle
  • Pink Petal Tea Cake
  • Watermelon Lemonade
  • Garden party
  • spring
  • renew & refresh
  • eucalyptus mint
  • paris amour
  • cotton
  • renew & refresh
  • watermelon lemonade
  • honeysuckle
  • lilac blossom
  • spring
Nail Clippers:
Flip Flop


Boxed Clipper with buffer and file

Lolly-Pop Shaped Hair Bands

 Flip Flop Sandals  and Hula Girls Files

 Bright Colored Zippered Cosmetic Bags 



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