Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Think gifts, Find sales

January 21, 2014
We all love a sale.  The thrill of the hunt and the reward of the item or items that we want at a great price.  I think gift thoughts all of the time.  I may not be able to give million dollar items, but I can express my heart in small ways while still staying on budget.
So this time of year is usually pretty awesome as far as sales go.  The stores are now pretty much sick of the holiday merchandise still sitting in their inventory and they are only too glad to mark it down...and I am only too glad to help them clear it out.
And I have written before about Bath and Body Works clearance SAS and for the most part...and most people who have shopped it would agree... there was no big a-ha moments or secret treasures found.  We came...maybe bought a little and we left.  Now the store has started its Sweet Shop /  AIR SKY SUN trio release and they may still have a few tables left of the 75% off items hoping that we come back and rid them of those. Drop the prices and we will clear your tables.
It's snowing here today in Pa so I don't know that I will be out shopping those store sales as I am comfy indoors watching a muted QVC waiting for the flakes to stop and the shoveling to begin.  Today, QVC is have their Spring fling with all things garden and warm weather and its cute to see the value of the day be daylilies when I cannot even see my sidewalk.
So I went on B&BW online site to see the sales I was told about,  are now happening and even though I have enough lotions and potions...I still checked out their 50% off holiday things.
Why they have not gone 75% off online...I don't know.  But in browsing I saw a few things that would be great as gifts so I checked them out. 
Now when I see things I think gift baskets.  A bunch of things all gathered up together theme wise and nested in a bed of shredded paper with big bows and lots of heart.
As it turned out, with any purchase Bath and Body Works is adding a bottle of their Kitchen Lemon hand soap in the new formulation and bottle design.  There is a lot more than meets the eye regarding that soap change and nothing I can mention yet....but there is.  And when I added the first item to the cart they are also adding in a JCB body lotion for free as well.  Great if you like that scent and if you don't and choose not to gift it...exchange that for a scent you do love.  I try to gift things given to me for free but that's me and my kharma thinking.
Seeing all of these things shown in the picture below I thought wouldn't they make a great gift basket of a few smaller gifts.  Depending on how much you wanted to spend (this totaled $56.00 with 20% off and two free items) delivered to your door.  Sure, if you could find these things left in a store it would be better with a survey and the higher discount...but for the sake of an example...here are ten things that work as a great present.
Okay, yes they were this holidays names...I don't care and people I give gifts too don't either.  ( I like to do Christmas in July too so even then its a cute gift as nothing really expires).
A four pack of soaps is $10.00 making each 2.50.  Put all four in a basket or just the two that match the candles.
There are Winter wallflower singles as well as doubles available...I just used the tis the season because it was colorful and also matched the others.  Or add them both! Toss in that cute ceramic snowman oil warmer to really complete the theme.
.  Even if you grab this years scents and then for Christmas 2014 you grab the matching names to include as well you can set up a very beautiful gift for a lot less than you could at regular retail.  And should they go 75% off in the next two weeks you can get your receipt adjusted.
I think you get the idea.  So enough about gifts from B&BW.  Currently Mother Nature is giving me a gift called Winter Storm Janice...and its time I go play in the snow!
Happy Shopping. :)
Snowman Oil Warmer - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

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