Friday, January 31, 2014

Bath & Body Works | packaging designs | Spring things 2014

January 31, 2014

Tonight is one of those nights where I just have to type out all of the new that I know because I can't show it yet.  And I know anyone who reads me knows when I can show something I do, and when I can't for good reasons I don't. 
Trust me I sooo want to do more but I can't yet.  But I had to share this information with someone first...for fear my head would explode.  No one could be mad if I just shared info to prevent my head exploding and promote excitement....right?  Haha
My previous blogs have all of the products and the scents of each product listed when I found out and when I am done with this list I will do an updated master list again to keep things up to date.  And yes know I can just go and be the first to show everything picture wise.... and really upset the apple cart....but there is no need. As I can show I will. 
Anyway...let's talk what's coming..
There may be an App thing soon (sm) and special offers for signature items and candles for some stores. 
Monday Sweet Shop is launching in conjunction with Mad about You signatures release and MIDNIGHT for men. We know all about that.
The signature foam product should also be out.
Black and pink awnings over beautiful white tables will be the focus when you enter the store.  Centered should be the Mad About You display and on each side of it will be The Forever lines, Midnight on one side and Red on the other.  The Sweet shop will be full of soaps, sanitizers and home fragrances that we have seen so far and hopefully a few more new things.  I did get a few pictures of interesting spring touches in Michaels Craft store that I don't want to forget to show. This clear glass dome would fit on any plate you want to make a focal point in your decorating with Bath and Body things.
March we are in for a great Hawaii Bath and Body Works style.  Drenched in all things full of sun and fun the signature fragrances bottles will definitely make us want to book a flight asap!

Signatures: HAWAII Collection will come out in these three names that I reported a few weeks ago.
*Hawaii Collection:
Hawaiian Passionfruit Kiss:
(fruity floral) kona mountain passion fruit, white papaya blossom, creamy macadamia
Maui Hibiscus Beach:
(floral fruity) refreshing star fruit, tropical hibiscus, mango wood
Oahu Coconut Sunset:
(fruity gourmand) coconut blossom, pink tiger lily, molten amber
While I cannot show you yet... I can tell you this about the packaging designs
Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss is bright pink/orange metallic
FFM...bottle is bright pink color
Maui Hibiscus Beach
Body Lotion...bottle is white/(or lotion is white) with a blue label on it with Hawaiian things shown
FFM...bottle is turquoise blue color with palm fronds
Oahu Coconut Sunset 
FFM....bottle is orange colored bottle, palm fronds, touches of pink
The center table will be divided out into the three bright beautiful colors of this line, blue, pink and yellow and centered over will be palm leaves and Hawaiian flowers.  This theme is bright and colorful throughout and will help push out all of our winter woes.
Then we are getting the Lavender product.

*French Lavender & Honey:
(floral musk) flowering French lavender, nectarine de provence, sun kissed honey
The soap bottles of this French line are so pretty and match the names of the candles and are the colors of the candles that I also posted a bit ago.....
Soaps are:
Mediterraean Lemon
Sun Drenched Vineyard
Provence Garden
Mandarin Citron
Lavender Blossom
Wild Poppies
Done in shades of pinks and purples the French Lavender and Honey bottles are so pretty.  They incorporate buildings of France adding in little touches of a red flower. I am not doing these justice at all by trying to explain them rather than showing you.   There is the FFM, TMC, SG, BL and a round squat bottle I am guessing is EDT with a purple ribbon tied at the top and the word Provence on it. There is a small mini edt so I am guessing that there will be a preview.  Purple and silver metallic tubes of a shea hand cream and a lip gloss also.
How these scents figure in I am not sure of yet...
Almond & Honey
Apricot  & Honey
Wild Iris & Honey
but in seeing the table set there are
 other scents that will be in shades of purple and yellow.
Beautiful displays of one of my favorite all time scents.  I cannot wait for this.
And Coming out for Mothers Day we are going to be taken to the
Gardens of morocco, japan and England for more signature scents.
*World Gardens
London Tulips & Black Berry Tea:
(fruity floral) English garden tulips, sparkling raspberry tea, white sandalwood
Morocco Orchid & pink Amber:
( floral oriental) Marrakesh orchid, pink amber, creamy vanilla
Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom:
(floral gourmand) cherry red lotus, Japanese apple blossom, crisp mandarin zest

Bath & Body Works | St. Particks Day Pocketbac | Order #2 | and more

January 31, 2014
In a corner of my Bath and Body Works store you will see the Mad about You display of products set up as well as a few in the center on a round of other 3 step ritual signatures.  Nothing big.  Since I can't wear the scent I checked out the other things new in the store.
Nothing more for Sweet Shop that I can buy... but I did get some pics and I got some new pocketbacs.  Not like I need any more new, but it is like girls and shoes and purses.  If one is good...then I want two.
I grabbed a few of the bunnies and a heart scentportable and called it a day.  More photos later.
Sunday night the floor set for Sweet Shop will be done so Monday I will be checking it out after doctor appointments and an MRI.
My local JCPenny store was clearancing out some of their white line of dishes and I grabbed this cake platter reduced for $9.97.  I found a great top also on sale for $15.99 reduced down from $27 and remembered I had a reward certificate that expires today worth $10.00 so I got my cake plate for free.
My B&BW order arrived today with my free three thank you again B&BW for the two free candles and hand soap along with free shipping. I bought these Christmas things {first pic} to go with the last order of Christmas things for a gift basket. Snowman soap, candles, wallflowers, bulbs, oil and oil burner. One more order yet to come.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bath & Body Works | new online and more

January 30, 2014

It is a blustery 21 degrees here in my town today and it actually feels like a heat wave is coming through. Considering we have had zero, below zero and single digits, anything higher than 9 is a plus.  I am ready for some spring any time now.  Not the heat like August brings....just a bit of thaw would be nice.

Speaking of spring, today Bath and Body Works should have or is going to be doing their MAD ABOUT YOU floor set and Sunday the new Sweet Shop set will also be done.  Online some new products showed up and I did another order to get my pedestals through them.  While a survey coupon will save me $10 off of the total price in store, the generosity of B&BW now with a bottle of their new hand soap for free and other goodies makes it well worth while.

While I love the pedestal for the mini candle...I think its out of proportion and it kind of looked that way.  The distance from the base of the pedestal to the top is so much greater than the height of the mini candle...I am going to use a piece of tacky clay and attach a nice plate to the top.  This way the pedestals will match and I can get two different heights for my three wicks...or anything else I may want to put on the plate.
I also saw the website had some fresh picked pocketbacs shown but they had the wrong name for them, calling them the carnival line.  Not long after I got the picture to post on my facebook page, they were removed from the web page.
There are plenty of mason jars coming and the fresh picked as well as the sweet shop are now available also online.  Thankfully they stayed the same price.  I guess their wicks aren't hand picked? ;)
Now for some other news:

The Provence line is definitely coming out including the body care products.  Floor sets are already designed and wow.

The Hawaii line is definitely coming out including body care products and its floor set is full of bright colors, palm fronds and hibiscus flowers.

Fresh Picked is ready to go as well and the fresh picked soaps are definitely a permanent thing.

Coastal Cool is currently out being tested and while there is no big tadah about it yet I am guessing it will be one of those that could pop up more closer to summer say the end of May or mid June if all goes well test wise.

There isn't too much more I CAN show you yet but when it's possible I will.

I posted some links to Josh's YOUTUBE recent videos showing us great comparisons of the latest candles out for test and for market on my Facebook page so please stop by and check them out. Here is his Facebook page as well.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bath & Body Works | order #1 |

January 29, 2014
My first Bath and Body Works order arrived after placing it only two days ago.  I say first because I think I made three on three different days as the free items offered changed. I am not counting my SKY order with the free hand soap in these newest orders.
The first days order offered me a free kitchen lemon hand soap new formula. I was thinking about what I could get from the clearance section before they are gone as gifts and I grabbed a three wick 'tis the season candle for $10.00.  Using him as my theme, I added in the oil warmer in a ceramic snowman shape and a bottle of the 'tis the season oil. 
 I wanted to get a few of the new mini candles in the sweet shop line to go into my new pedestal holders so I grabbed what I felt were more food themed scents.
I saw the bundle set of four foaming hand soaps in the snow day line and being that one of them matched my snowman label perfectly and would look great wrapped together, I added two sets.  I could have bought a bunch at the price of $5.50 for four but I didn't want to be greedy.
Now my next orders are also of clearance things I can add to the snowman basket and they should be here tomorrow and possibly Friday.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Sweet Shop vs. Bake Shop

 January 28, 2014
Anxious to see the floor set for Sweet Shop I was thinking about all of the things we have seen so far that have been coming into stores already and wondering what more is to come.
I know about the kitchen towels and I posted a pic of them a week ago, as well as more pedestal candle holders.  I know it is going to be done in shades of pink and black and when I was looking at this cookie jar picture it got me to thinking.  I will get to that in a moment...but first let me talk about this cookie jar.
For me, they missed out on having a huge...I would have bought it....seller.  Two colors?  Really?  You make us both Christmas and Halloween houses with a bit more detail and color. A sweet shop could have been ADORABLE.  While I get the design and colors, to fit in most home decors without looking childish... I would have gone with more color.  And the price is a bit much.  $60.00?  The large reindeer and polar bear cost only $25.00 years ago.... sure, sure prices go up on things.  But even with a 20% off coupon it will still be a wee bit pricey.
So anyway, I was thinking about this look racking my brain what it reminded me of.  Nothing.  Then I was cleaning out my closet and hanging in the back was one of these bags.  From September 2011 I think it was when the Bake Shop line released...(pictures found on the internet labeled simply pinterest).
I really loved those scents....and now I am even more anxious to see it all put out. 

Bath & Body Works | Pocketbac | Spring 2014

January 27, 2014

A few more pocketbacs coming out, and a new soap.
Fresh Picked and Diamonds and pink passionfruit