Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Aloha Hawaii | Sweet Shop gift

March 9, 2014
Tonight the floor set for Aloha Hawaii is being done.  It will be interesting to see what else is new that we haven't yet seen.  I did mention some time ago that there is a Straw tote.
  I saw it and got a picture of it... the one I saw was green and white and truth be told it reminded me of one of those two tone baskets they have now for sale....same feel of the material, but taller like a straw tote...yet not straw like you think straw and it has handles.  Nothing fancy and it is priced at $24.50 EMPTY.
Cute, sure but that is a lot for a bag with nothing inside. When I saw it again yesterday I was really tempted to put it on my list and adding something to make it a $30.00 purchase and use a survey.  Then I grabbed that really nice Land's End tote for $11.19 that I posted about yesterday and now I am thinking on passing.
Which is why I say, if I want it when I see it, it's better to get it then, sell it to me, because you never know what else I will find, or who else will sell it to me.
Today I went to a different Bath and Body Works store and this store had a lot of the Hawaii items out already.  Not the candles of course, which also worked out well for me.  I smelled all of the testers 4oz candles by the wallflowers and I didn't like any of them.
I saw one of the new scents pocketbacs in the bin and the store manager went and got me the rest. The large room sprays were out, and the scentportables.  The wallflowers in the Hawaii line were also ready to buy.
 The glass pineapple mini candle holders were out, in all three colors, and I passed on those again for now.  They are really pretty but that $14.50 price is bugging me. I know, buy two, add a nail file and use a survey....
The signature travel bottle holders were out so I grabbed two more of those and I got another pineapple oil warmer.  I used two of my bounce back coupons and got the pineapple oil warmer and a cinnamon sugar donut mason jar candle as my free items.
In my wandering around this store, I came across this sweet shop item that my stores never got.  {This is an a level store so I bet they had a lot of cute things I never for to see}
This was priced at $24.50 and had in it a hand soap, larger sized antibac pump, and two hand soaps.  When I picked it up, the bottom edge of the bag was torn and the bottles looked as if they were falling out.  The other three of these in the store were also tearing.  So I passed on this too.  It was too bad, this was really a cute item for a gift.
I would hope that we would see a lot more gifts like these coming in the near future.  And cute gift bags!!!

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