Monday, March 10, 2014

Victoria's Secret | Island Getaway trio | Review

March 10, 2014
Here are a few quick thoughts about the Victoria's Secret new Island Getaway collection.  I purchased the fragrance mists and two of the ultra moisturizing hand/body creams.  I really like the hand/body cream because there is a bit of substance to the product when you squeeze it out.  Like the Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Cream. Not watery at all.  And with winters bitter cold temps outside and the heat on inside, my hands are taking a beating so this product not only smells pretty but it also works well.
The new me are nice.  Nothing to write home about...nothing fantastic like they have done before...{sparkling citrus, yummy}  These are your typical, almost smell alike,  kind of light fragrances. Light meaning when I tried them they didn't last too long on me.
My favorite is the island rush. {pomelo and coconut water} It reminds me of a what I would like to smell like in the summertime. Not a heavy perfume scent, just a light note. In no way does this smell like coconut anything on me. If they did not give those notes, I couldn't tell you what it was more than saying it was a nice combination of warm fruity scents.
Next was tropical nights {fresh berries and Hyacinth }this was nice too, sweet smelling, then with a note...I am note sure what to call it. It changes almost to a masculine kind of scent the longer it was on me.  Like I said before, while these do work well with my bodies chemistry, sometimes they change.  This  was one of those that didn't feel floral and girly after a while.
And then endless sunset {Hawaiian orchid and currant}very floral and pretty with a hint of that grapey note. 
I bought these and got a secret reward card as a bonus and I don't think I will be rebuying any of these scents again.  I was told in the store that the next line will be out for mothers day. I am hoping for a knock my socks off kind of scent.

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