Friday, March 14, 2014

Bath & Body Works | magazine Tote | $10.00 with any $20.00 Purchase

March 14, 2014

I finally made it into a Bath and Body Works store today to see the new floorset and check out all of the new, and adorable Aloha, Hawaii products.

The stores manager greeted me upon entering by name and showed me everything that was new...and as I made my way around the tables I saw the tote I had written about before.  Actually I wrote about two totes.  One I thought was going to be a event item....remember I mentioned it was a straw tote, yellow with pink flowers...and as it turned out there was no event but there is a tote.

And this other tote I mentioned had two possible marketing signs....and todays sign was $10.00 with any $20.00 purchase. They are calling it a magazine tote, but it is a nice size, not floppy in design and it stands on its own and is a perfect beach tote too.
I bought three previews of the new and upcoming French Lavender and Honey signature, added in a pocketbac and a new pulley pocketbac and used a survey making my tote free.

When I got home I couldn't help but toss in a few Easter goodies I have here waiting for upcoming baskets and thought what fragrance fan wouldn't love to get this filled with her favorite fragrances, some chocolate bunnies.and even a gift card?  Wrapped in clear cello and a big bow...I say hop on over to your closest Bath and Body Works and get one of these totes for someone you love or even yourself!


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