Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bath & Body Works | French Lavender FFM - Preview | Candles

March 6, 2014
I wanted to do a quick blog of all of the new things I posted today and a few of the new things that showed up online.  The new has been posted in my LITP Face Book photo albums as well.
First, the new mason jar candle pictures.  The B&BW online does have almost all pictured now for more than a week but seeing the actual jars is nice too.  And the Sundrenched Vineyards isn't available online yet.
French Lavender
Lemon Verbena
Citron Cedarwood
Sundrenched Vineyards
Provence garden
Springtime in Provence

Next was the Fine Fragrance Mist Bottle for French Lavender and Honey as well as the preview that will be available on Monday.  While we must wait for the FL line, at least the preview will give us an idea of what it smells like on us.  I know that some stores also have the FFM available as a tester too so if you have the opportunity, stop by and see if your store is offering that.
Photo: preview- price may be $4.00 or $5.00
This weekend, March 7-9th,  we are having a b3g3 signature continue as well as a 2/$22 candle sale.  I am not sure if the Hawaii candles will be included.  Some stores have said they are ringing and they are selling them while others say...NO WAY.  I am fine in waiting to see when they launch.  If there is no sale on them then, I guess I don't need to add them to my collection.
This Saturday is suppose to be an event; "soap Saturday" where you will, in store, be given the opportunity to get a bottle of soap for free with a ten dollar purchase.  No other sales offers or coupons will apply to that sale. 
I still have some of the soap bottle shaped bounce backs that let me get something priced much higher ($12.50) than a bottle of soap ($6.50) for free with that same ten dollar purchase so I am using that instead. 
And Meyer Lemon Fresh Picked soap is still being offered at the $3.00 price.
Next, here are a few more new items for the Aloha Hawaii line coming out this Monday March 10th.
New online more Wallflowers:
Also, I was told there will be a Beautiful Day Wallflower coming out.... which is the perfect addition for springtime to those who love that scent.

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