Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yankee Candle | Easter 2014 | Butterfly Shade, Pedestal, Bunny items

March 18, 2014

My Yankee Candle order arrived today and while most was as I expected it would be, a few things weren't.

The bunny top and bottom is okay and I may give it as a gift to my niece as she has a small child who may get more enjoyment from it..  You could probably fill a empty candle jar with something to use it.

The chocolate bunnies candle smells like chocolate ... I will give it a burn tomorrow...

The butterfly and dragonfly jar topper shade is as I expected, I have seen the pattern before as I own the candle melt warmer so that was perfect.

And the pedestal (metal) surprised me the most I think with its size.  Regularly priced at $29.99 it was on sale for $15.00 so I expected this little pedestal...like I bought from bath and Body Works for a three wick candle.  This size is huge...and I could put a bunch of candles on it...and anything else.  I think it will be a nice sized pedestal for showcasing everything from food to home décor all year long.


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