Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Destination tin travel 4 oz. candles | new today | 4 scents available

March 8, 2014
I got up early today glad my husband didn't have to work again on a Saturday and took advantage of the nice day that was unfolding. Any time the temps hit above 40 degrees, it is a great day.
 We did our morning chores and then headed to a Bath and Body Works store out of town to see what, if anything was new and out for sale.
I put a post up on my Facebook page, around 11am, that there were new metal tin cans candles with four of the destination scents now available. The store wasn't sure what they were about, just that they are $8.50 each and 4 ounce candles. I posted I would get some detailed pictures and here they are. {Sorry, It took some time as I was busy shopping the Bon Ton store and Victoria's Secrets new tropical scents}
Destination Tin Travel Candles
Aloha, Waikiki {hulas and hibiscus}
American Boardwalk {caramel corn and coasters}
Cheers to Capri {limoncello}
Paris Daydream {city of love}
London Calling { tea and lemon}


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