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Bath & Body Works | Morocco Orchid & Amber | Fragrance Review | #BBWinsiders

March 31, 2014

Usually when I do a #BBWinsiders review, it is of a product that was sent to me from Bath and Body Works free of charge for my thoughts on it to share with my readers and friends.

With this scent however,
Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber,
I had a feeling a new insider item was coming that day, but I was having a hard morning and just missed getting one....and the free garden party candle scent as well. You need to be fast as quantities are limited.

While I won't be able to review that candle yet, I went and bought this new World Garden fragrance scent preview so I can give an opinion on it.

In seeing the packaging on all of the new upcoming World Gardens I must say I am loving the noticeable thought and design work that is put into making these bottles pretty enough to be displayed.  While all of he bottles are beautiful, there is a change in the packaging marketing to all of us and I am loving it.

Even this tiny Eau de parfum preview has the clover like shield pattern on the sticker. Add in the shiny gold lid completes the look that something exotic is coming.

Now for the scent...I say time and again, scent is a personal thing and our bodies chemistries are all with all fragrances I review my first thought is to say....go to the store and TRY any and all on yourself.  They are free to try in store and relatively cheap to get a sample of something home to take for a spin.

A few days ago I was sprayed with the larger bottle of this in a store and my first thought was ....not for me. I am not sure if it mixed with some lotion or fragrance I had on me already, but it didn't smell like my typical scents I would go for.

Tonight, I am clean from a shower with no scent on my skin and I sprayed a good amount to see what this is going to do.

It is very similar to something we have already....dried down. Like a hair close to Forever Midnight... on me...  

And if you would see would laugh...  as I am trying a bunch of scents, one after another,  on my other arm to compare it with this new one.  I'm thinking its the Amber warm note that is perplexing me now.  Strong out of the bottle and subtly different after a few moments.

This reminds me of a fragrance you will wear day into evening. It's not a heavy fragrance that will overpower you in a hot summer day, and its not a lightweight scent that won't hold up.

I will be picking up one more preview the next time I visit the store.

On the site there is this information:
 ❥Our master perfumers have captured the allure of an exotic Moroccan garden with a lush fantasy of Marrakesh Orchid, glowing pink amber, and rose petal water wrapped in apricot nectar and vanilla silk

Key Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: lemon verbena, apricots, desert sand accord, fig nectar
Mid Notes: Jasmine, Casablanca orchid, rose petal water,
Dry Notes: Vanilla bean, Kashmir wood, exotic amber

With this is  Trio of scents coming out, I am hoping for these products:
  • Fine Fragrance Mist
  • Body Lotion
  • Shower Gel
  • Triple Moisture Cream
  • {lip gloss}
  • travel ritual
  • scrubs?
  • Eau de parfum
  • Eau de Toilette
  • maybe something shimmer
This new fragrance line should be in stores April 28th 2014. With your purchases now in store, you are given a new bounce back coupon that begins that day and is for a free Signature Collection item with a value up to $12.50 with any $10 purchase.  So I suggest you check out this new mini Parfum in the Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber scent and get a coupon to get something from that line { or any signature scent of your choosing} when it releases for free with a purchase of ten dollars.

Here are the other fragrances coming out with Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber:


*World Gardens

  ❥London Tulips and Black Berry Tea:

(fruity floral) English garden tulips, sparkling raspberry tea, white sandalwood

  ❥Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber:

( floral oriental) Marrakesh orchid, pink amber, creamy vanilla

  ❥Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom:

(floral gourmand) cherry red lotus, Japanese apple blossom, crisp mandarin zest

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