Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Provence| My List

March 26, 2014

Here is what I have purchased so far for the new Provence line coming at Bath and Body Works:

 ❥3 small ceramic luminaries
 ❥2 hand soap/lotion ceramic bottles
 ❥2 grape wallflower units
 ❥2 bee honey comb wallflower units
 ❥1 sunflower wallflower unit
 ❥5 French lavender wallflower bulbs
 ❥2 sundrenched vineyards (cranberry woods) bulbs
 ❥1.5oz room perfume spray French lavender
 ❥2 blinged bee scentportables
 ❥3 bee honeycomb scentportables
 ❥1 tortoise purse scentportable
 ❥1 sundrenched vineyard home fragrance oil
 ❥3 preview parfum minis French lavender and honey
 ❥3 French lavender mason jar candles

Here is what I am planning on getting from what I have seen that is coming:

 ❥15 travel sized daily rituals (trio)
 ❥4 soufflé body creams
 ❥4 (possibly) matching scrubs
 ❥purple pb holder
 ❥bee pb holder
 ❥new provence pocketbacs assorted (8-10 new)
 ❥1 French lavender and vanilla hand soap (possibly)
 ❥3 wick French lavender candles (possibly)
 ❥new hand soaps (lavender for sure)
 ❥3 flower pb holders
 ❥gift sets and cosmetic bags (possibly)
 ❥PREVIEW of Morocco Orchid and pink amber

French Lavender & Honey Travel Size Body Care Bundle - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works 

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