Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bath & Body Works| Special candle Preview | Aloha Hawaii

March 2, 2014
I've said for sometime that Bath and Body Works should preview or test candle scents with us by using a smaller candle.  Easier to ship, easier to buy and try out the scent before we commit to the larger candle and it may eliminate the excessive returns.  May.
So when I saw the 4oz candles in the store with regular labels I suspected there was a good chance they weren't there as testers for wallflowers or scentportables...because those are clear labels with just names and no pictures. But it made no sense since the 4oz candles were being retired sort of.
I just found out that tomorrow, March 3rd, 2014 the stores are going to be offering these three scents shown below as PREVIEWS for the Aloha, Hawaiian candle line.
They will be priced at $5.00
Island Waters
Lanakai Coconut
Hawaiian Hibiscus
Now, yesterday with the candle sale on 3 wicks of 2/$22.00 the Aloha Hawaii candles were ringing up for the sale price and if you found a store that would sell you them pre-release you were lucky.  Most stores would not, as I was told....they will be red-flagged if they did.  I have no rush to get to smell all of these to get anyone in trouble for an early sale.  The release is a week away so I can wait, but should you venture into a store tomorrow and they have the 4oz candles available, don't be surprised for this sale!
And if you don't see them, be sure to ask anyway...

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