Friday, March 28, 2014

Kringle Candle Comapny | Summertime 2014 | Wax Melts Photos

March 28, 2014

My candle melts arrived today, two days after ordering them and I am excited to get them tested out.  On cold sniff each one smells incredible.  I look forward to getting them melted and reviewed shortly.  I have a migraine now so I need to get rid of that first...but here is a picture of these scents....and I am loving the new lid designs.  Bright and colorful!

Coming for summer 2014, Kringle Candle Company has announced the launch of six new candle scents along with a few new sizes for our candle loving enjoyment.
Here are their names, and scent notes.

  1. Wild Poppies
  2. Pink Grapefruit
  3. Set Sail
  4. Coconut Wood
  5. Sparkling
  6. Black Sands
Wild Poppies  *poppies bloom gloriously to welcome the arrival of warm weather each year. Kringle candle distilled their delicate fragrance into a one of a kind floral that sweetly sings summer.
Pink Grapefruit  *that classic tang and sweet sass of ripe, pungent grapefruit are absolutely fragrance forward in this lusciously realistic creation.
Set Sail  *chart a course for nautical mystique with this bracing blend featuring sparkling top notes, marine vegetals and an earthy base of musk and moss.
Coconut Wood  *the rich goodness of fresh coconut blended with the trio of earthy tropical wood notes and just a hint of orchid flower.
Sparkling   *the bright zesty appeal of brisk, cold mineral water abound refreshingly in happy union with citrus and fruit notes.
Black Sands   *with its mysterious swirl of sweet coconut, oriental spices and warming amber accords, black sands offers a satisfyingly tropical magic.

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