Sunday, March 30, 2014

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March 30, 2014

After two strike outs this weekend at getting the last few things of the Provence line that I hadn't ordered online I tried one last store.

Last week, this store had out all of the new luminaries and a few other odds and ends for the Provence line. Of course...they are sold out already.  Problematic I suppose when the floor set is tonight and you don't have merchandise ... but wonderful because who wants to be stuck with something when the floorset is completed and a new one is beginning.  The sweet shop cookie jar is still sitting at the counter there (full price).

I wandered over to the pocketbac display and saw all but two of the holders I wanted and there were a few of the new refills in the boxes.

As I looked for the others I wanted a familiar face came out of the back room and asked me was there anything particular I needed.  :)

She went into the back a few times for me grabbing all on my list...except for the candles and the hand soaps.  Because the candles will be $10.00 tomorrow (French lavender), I am fine with waiting on those and the hand soaps are going 7/$24 and they can wait too.

Yesterday I stocked up in the new French Lavender and Honey Travel Sized products so that gave me a nice start for gifting as well as my personal use.  I have a few of the preview parfums so I will hold off on getting the new full sized parfum bottle until there is a great sale price. It's so pretty I think it will look lovely out on a mirrored tray with the others.

I did get a new TMC in the French Lavender and Honey and  three out of the four new soufflé and honey scrubs to give them a try too. These were the scents she brought out so they were fine as a start.  I really love the attention to detail that was made for the bottles and lids.  Utilitarian beauty products are fine for under the cabinets but these are perfect to display.

I grabbed thirty of the pocketbacs....that little duck is cute and perfect for Easter Baskets...and of course used a survey and got them for $20.00. 

Speaking of surveys, I was told there is a new policy they are going to be enforcing more now regarding the survey coupon being attached to the receipt.  Because some choose to make money off of selling them on Ebay, they now want to see the entire receipt.  That's going to be difficult for the first...200+ I have since I snipped them off not to have such a big mess in my purse and on my desk...(then I filed the slips).  And, yes I know I don't need to carry hundreds....but I try to carry a lot since I buy a lot.  So starting now, I will be more diligent in leaving the slip attached.....I only removed them because previously the SA's were tossing my slips out after redeeming and saying they couldn't get them from the trash.

I also grabbed the new flower holders....and the purple provence...(one for antibac one for hand lotion) and the bee.  I am going to add white sparkly paint to the wings....I think they missed the mark on that one....and yes I know to add more color means to add more price....But that being said look at all of the colors on the hula girl dancer pocketbac.... :)

So that was today.  She also told me what I have heard from the two other stores...the Provence line will not be a table out in the front of the store as the Hawaiian line will remain there for now...but the displays will still be lovely.  I was sad to hear it was the same thing that happened with the Mad About You stayed in the front and the Sweet Shop line was pushed further in.  I understand it is probably to push a slower moving Hawaii line.

I have kept the blog for the Provence line updated with the new products as they have come out and tonight I only need to add a few more.  And remember my Facebook Page always has up to date photo albums as well.

Now that Provence is here...I cannot wait to start sharing what I know about the World Gardens line coming April 28th, 2014.

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