Monday, March 31, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Provence Floor set | March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014


To Provence.....

I stopped at my store today to grab a few more things I wanted that came out with the new floor set and like it is with grocery go in for bread and you come home with ten bags...I found more to want. And the robot pocketbac holder isn't in it will be back to the store...once more.

Here are my purchases prior to today:

❥The Provence Collection candle coffret Priced at $24.50, on sale today for $15.00 with any $20 purchase.  It Comes with 6 mini candles and a coupon for 5 - 3 wick candles at the price of $11.00 each from March 31st - May 18th, 2014.
With my purchases this cost me $10.78

❥Lavender Blossom Hand Soap and Lotion in caddy.  Priced at $16.50, with the purchase of the coffret and preview it came down to $11.85 I don't care for the lotion scent.  It's not what I expected..I thought it would be more pure a scent of French Lavender and it is not.

❥New Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber Parfum mini Preview sample priced at $4.00 with the purchase of the coffret and caddy it was $2.87

❥Three French Lavender 3 wick Candles {on sale today $10.00 each- $20.00 after a survey}

❥9 new Provence Hand Soaps after a survey are $20.86

❥Free French lavender candle with purchase of another adorable Bee Pocketbac holder $5.00

And some pretty sachets







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