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Bath & Body Works | World Gardens Collection | coming April 28th 2014

March 14, 2014

*World Gardens

London Tulips and Black Berry Tea:

(fruity floral) English garden tulips, sparkling raspberry tea, white sandalwood

Morocco Orchid and pink Amber:

( floral oriental) Marrakesh orchid, pink amber, creamy vanilla

Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom:

(floral gourmand) cherry red lotus, Japanese apple blossom, crisp mandarin zest
Back in early January, I posted a blog filled with new information showing all of the new scents that were coming for us Bath and Body Works fragrance lovers that would be released up until the next Semi annual Sale.  There were so many planned, I gathered as much as I could about each and shared what I knew. 
So far we have had:
*Velvet Sugar
red velvet crème, golden plum  sugared musk

*Violet Lily SKY
(fruity floral fresh) fresh violet blooms, sparkling bergamot, whipped lily petals
*Pear Blossom AIR
(crisp green fresh) crisp green pear, fresh gardenia, white musk
*Golden Magnolia SUN
( sensual fresh) pink magnolia, golden apricot, sensual vanilla
*Mad About You
black currant, bright peony, vanilla musk
------Now Currently----
as of March 10th 2014
*Hawaii Collection:
Hawaiian Passionfruit Kiss:
(fruity floral) kona mountain passion fruit, white papaya blossom, creamy macadamia
Maui Hibiscus Beach:
(floral fruity) refreshing star fruit, tropical hibiscus, mango wood
Oahu Coconut Sunset:
(fruity gourmand) coconut blossom, pink tiger lily, molten amber
-------------Coming in a few Weeks-----------
March 10th 2014
*French Lavender and Honey:
(floral musk) flowering French lavender, nectarine de provence, sun kissed honey
And coming with this with be a trio of what was listed as Provence scents:
Almond and Honey
Apricot and Honey
Wild Iris and Honey
There will also be Home Fragrance items with this line; candles, hand soaps and wallflowers.
And after this release coming April 28th we will be getting the next line called World Gardens with the names and notes shared above.
Also coming with this signature line will be the Home Fragrance Line of candles called
Garden Party, and  all have been pictured on my previous blogs as White Barn candles and can be found here with scent notes at this link:
From what we know, when trios of scents release, they are planned as a seasonal signature, sometimes a redo of a scent from years past and out for a short period of time and then gone so if you love them, you need to grab what you can.  They also have a few products available  in the line as Sun, sky and air did.
Then after World Gardens...which is close to Mothers Day timing  and could possibly be in the VIP tote offered then, then there are two more scents left that were listed as coming out....and they could be our May (south beach sun) and June.  I will try to get more details on these releases. We know that another candle line tested, Coastal Cool
 those with the summery colored glass and no lids three wicks and should they release wide, I am sure they will be with either one of these lines.
Names and notes below:
South Beach Sun (I think new for late spring early summer)
*Endless Weekend:
(fruity musk) summer mandarin, sun kissed magnolia, vanilla sandalwood
So that is where we have been so far....and where we are heading now.  As I get more information on this new line WORLD GARDENS, and the products that will be available,  I will post both here on my blog and on my Facebook page photo albums.

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