Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Friday – Saturday – Sunday – Cyber Monday….

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time shopping for their favorite Black Friday specials in store and online. To say the stores were utter madness would be an understatement; even today the people shopping in my stores are still grabbing things off of the shelves like their lives depended on it. But I know alot of folks wait for the sales on these things before Christmas for gifts….and then stock up on the stuff they love after Christmas for the Semi Annual Sale. Since it’s starting the day after Christmas we won’t need to wait long.
Like I mentioned in my earlier blogs, not from info listed in the holiday new catalog, the aromatherapy lotions and body washes did appear online for $5.00..Black Friday……a fantastic price. For ten bucks you can put together some really nice gifts. And I hope you grabbed the new scent for men, PARIS FOR MEN….. I got that free a few weeks ago and I liked it. And today they are offering the new scent coming next month Sparkling Blackberry Woods….in lotion form for $5.00. I got my full sized lotion for free weeks ago and I must say I like it. Nothing fantastic mind you, but nice.
I did get the new wallflowers in the box, The light up snowglobe with snowman and the double snowflakes…complete with bulbs. I noticed the prices for these boxed items went up a bit from last year….$20.00 for the snowglobe and 18.50 for the double snowflakes. I used some free item coupons rather than the 10 off of 30 coupons to get more gift things.
Snowflake with Fresh Balsam Fragrance Bulb Wallflowers Light Up Set - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works$18.50


Remember Cyber Monday you can get your Holiday Traditions items buy one get one free as well as 25% off and other sneak peek specials so keep watching your emails and I will post what I find. I know in my stores, the twisted peppermint usually clears out on cyber Monday… I am hoping to grab more of that, and the swirl hand soap in the TP scent I got last Monday.