Thursday, December 27, 2012

It snowed here yesterday and today, as it did in most of the country where snow is possible.  Not the kind of snow that happened for Christmas Day....that was snowman building snow....which I took full advantage of and built one.  No, this snow was the crummy, heavy and wet crusty ice on top kind of snow that broke your back to move from one place to another and held up deliveries of Bath and Body works items from other states....that you have been waiting for what seemed like, forever.

My online order of the Aromatherapy milk and honey lotion arrived safely today; all bottles bubble wrapped together perfectly.

My replacement order of spring candles on the other hand has not arrived yet due to bad weather......replacing due to a general lack of proper packing procedures. Opening up a box of glass shards and wax is no fun when you expect to gift some for Christmas when received on the 17th.  Not receiving the replacements because one was sold out and the large replacement order was held for a week for that one candle to be included and shipped on the 26th.....only to get caught up in winter weather....and have them still not here is bothersome.  Heaven knows if bubble wrap and crates will be included this time to prevent breakage. I surely hope so.  I am really enjoying burning the spring scents in between the holiday favorites.

I haven't taken the time yet to visit my local stores SAS, most likely tomorrow, again weather permitting.  I am not sure what I could possibly home probably has more BBW merchandise than some stores I have been to do. 

And I did take a look through my body care stash today and noticed when I went to use my Aruba Triple Moisture Cream that the scent is off.   Off as in yucky.  Purchased just a year ago, if that, my last three tubes of that scent seem to be not holding up well all store properly.  A wee bit frustrating.  I love using the TMC's but I find a lot of the scents with vanilla in them don't seem to be holding up for a long period of time.  Lotion is fine, but I find the thickness of the cream more soothing at times and I would hate to eliminate it from my routine.  Since the Aruba products are being released again in a few weeks I should be able to exchange them for some less foul....possibly.  I may just return them and stick to things that aren't potential returns.

That is the problem with having new release scents every month almost.  We try things, like them or not....and stock up when we do because the company changes its mind so often on keeping things we may not get it again....and we tell ourselves we need it.   Their offering buy three get three free doesn't help our hoarding tendencies.  We tell ourselves we must stop the hoarding and use up what we have, (which will never happen) and then we go to the next new release with coupons and surveys in hand and

I was looking on Facebook tonight at everyone's hauls of SAS and wondered what their closets, and cabinets and storage areas look like.  It is the perfect opportunity to buy those items you may need for gifts in the upcoming six months but do we really stop there?  Or do we tell ourselves that this is a great price and worry where to put it later?  I am not judging mind you.... I am a consumer of goods too...and a lover of sales....  I just wish some days I would consume faster.....   :)

While looking for something non BBW on Ebay I did search for new things listed and laughed at the prices on the SAS things now being offered for sale.  Why anyone would pay 30.00 for something being sold in the store (shipped within the US only) for 3.00 is beyond me.  They must really need it....  And between Ebay and Facebook I could kind of gauge what is being offered at SAS.  I haven't seen anything rare found yet.

And with the new floorset in a few weeks, I think I will be saving my money for pocketbac holders and all things paradise....

Hey a girl can dream of coconuts on a cold blizzard day......

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