Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SAS monster and the deal of the day 12/19

Photo: TODAY'S SPECIAL DELIVERY: $5 Signature Collection Body Lotion TODAY ONLY in select stores!  *Offer valid 12/19 only.

A week from today it will be SAS time and all of the big tad-do of Christmas will be long past us and we will be focusing on going through those large blue bins atop crowded tables hoping to find our favorites for substantial savings. We will add to our hoard of things we couldn't possibly get through in a lifetime wondering where else can we stash our treasures or trophies of this SAS war. We will post photos of things we won and ogle at others conquests wishing they were ours while being surrounded in lotions and soaps and wax.  And we will visit those big blue bins as often as we can with our survey coupons in hand to try to slay that SAS monster for the glory of our stash kingdom.

Long live the soap!

So until then, here is todays deal of the day to get us by....... 
much love....

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