Friday, December 7, 2012

Scent List Link for Ebay

Alot of times we find a fragrance that we absolutely love and adore only to have it discontinued from the manufacturer.  And most often when we find that we really need to have that product, we search out the secondary markets to for it.

I stumbled onto this link some time ago and shared it previously and wanted to make sure it is a part of my blogs going forward.

I do see that it was not updated in a bit, but hopefully it will guide anyone looking for something older.  If you click on the fragrance name, it will send you to the proper Ebay page where it may be offered.

If for nothing else, it is a fun look at names of Bath and Body items past......

I am glad to share links to other bloggers and websites that may offer something interesting with regard to Bath and Body Works products.  I cannot guarantee, of course, that all of their information is accurate.....