Monday, December 10, 2012

Valentines candle ideas

In my world of candle thoughts I would love to see a candle line every year dedicated to one of my favorite holidays....Valentines Day.

Perhaps there was once, I can't remember.....I have so many candles in my collection and so many product's possible.....

But after updating my new Spring candle test scents blog to include the Strawberry scent notes, I was thinking about the next big holiday for me and mine and it is Valentines day..... and I would love white and pink and red candles......

scented like some of our favorite gifts to get....:

  • chocolate dipped strawberries.... (candy and strawberries represented) 
  • pinot noir wine....(wine)
  • forever red ( perfume)
  • pink diamonds scent-- from the  pocketbacs this holiday ( jewelry)
  • sparkling pink champagne-- from the soap this holiday ( champagne)
  • gummie cinnamon hearts ( candy hearts)
  • sweet conversation hearts (candy hearts)

Now I'm hungry.....

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