Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deal or no deal????

Photo: TODAY'S SPECIAL DELIVERY: $3 Room Perfume TODAY ONLY in stores!  *Offer valid 12/16 only.

I would have thought my stores would have been cleared out of candles completely after offering them for $8.00 each the other day but the shelves were still full when I went there yesterday and today.  The sprays, todays Deal of the Day for $3.00 on the other hand were almost all gone, but I did manage to get some for the gift baskets I am making up tomorrow.  I was able to even snag the last snowman oil burner for another gift before leaving the very overcrowded store. I am going to miss those get any item for free coupons.

 I stood in a long line while the new girls tried to keep up with the customers on the registers while the seasoned professionals chatted with friends on the floor.  In a week that will change as the crowds will begin to diminish.  Semi Annual sales in these stores are popular, just not as bad as pre-Christmas sales.

I did what I normally do when going in.....after greeting the SA, I asked what tomorrows deal was and right on cue she said the same BS she always does.... "I have no idea." 

BS because I know they have all of the signage so they know whats coming even though they are unsure of what day it's happening.  Someone behind me asked just when the lipgloss sale was finally going to show up and she shrugged.

Many have since said it is going to be 3.00 wallflowers so that will save me on some as I have hundreds to use up.

But with 7 shopping days after wasllflowers....what could be next??????