Monday, December 10, 2012

Two weeks to go......

Two weeks today is Christmas Eve, and the pressure is really on in getting everything taken care of for the big day.  I am a planner and I start thinking next Christmas on December family and friends are enjoying the gifts I got them this year.  My brother is getting a santa claus suit to dress up for our families newest little one who is 21 months now...thee perfect age for discovering all that is wonderous and joy filled.  She is exploring and discovering alot these days with climbing up on shelves and furniture making her young mother brand new.  I smile at the sight of the facebook posted pictures of her atop the shelves as this is merely a repeat of years long ago when her mother did it to my sister.  Kharma.....

I am loving these daily deals BBW is doing but I just wish they did a flyer on what each days product is going to be so I could plan out my purchases ahead of time.  I think I have ten gift baskets assembled just waiting for cello wrapping and bow-bedecking.....but as soon as I think I am done with that comes another daily deal.  :)

I did a phone order of todays daily deal , the Flawless shimmer for $8.00, used the free item coupon and got a fragrance mist as another gift and got myself 5 more of those scentportables in apple spruce.  My new favorite scent in those.  I love the other scents and use them alot in closets and drawers...but that spruce scent is what is hanging off of the lamp currently sitting on my desk here....reminding me of my favorite place to be..... outdoors.

Currently, outdoors is damp, in the high 40's and raining.  Not your typical late fall weather here but I am glad I don't need to add shoveling into my daily list of things needing tending.  I was sitting here late last night adding in the American Boardwalk candles (pictures and their scent notes) as a reference for myself and I found myself on this two week until Christmas eve night wanting spring things.

The spring test candles so far are fabulous and I am going to write out my reviews of them asap, but just by going through the scent notes I wrote on Sunday, you have to know these are yummy.  I didn't get my strawberry candles yet, Wednesday or tomorrow I think, so I will add that scent note when it arrives in another blog.  I held off posting one of the other notes for a reason just to see something....and of course I was correct....No suprise there.

I will also get the pictures up later tonight after gift box wrapping.  I try to keep up with wrapping things as soon as I get them but for some reason there seems to be a pile here in my office waiting for me to I guess I best get to it.

There is still one more floor reset before the set up for semi annual sale so I will write out what I know of that later as well....

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