Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's next......

When you start hearing about Christmas things early in the year by the time the holiday rolls around you are pretty much waiting for "what's next."

 I mean we could all see on the trademark page some of the new names of things to come in the beginning of the year. We excitedly wondered and speculated what that name is going to end up being product wise and wonder what it would be smelling like....rushing time for it to finally get here.  Sometimes, a few who got inside secrets by whatever means they did would show us what it is and that would add to the anticipation.

When you think about it, Christmas test candles were coming out in September, but their names were released in August.  So when you go and buy all of those in September, and figure out which you love and which you don't.....when December finally  rolls around you keep looking for something else because your bored, or your hoping there is more new you haven't seen or heard of yet.

Here we are three weeks from Christmas with another reset coming this Sunday and most of what is set to come out with I already own.

We are told that there are new candles coming..... The destination line... or Around the Globe line.... or whatever BBW wants to call the next line of more redos. 

Having smelled them all, and  viewed the labels.....I am ready for the next line...The spring test scents.  Probably more of the same, redone. ( I know but I can't say yet)

I would love for BBW to make something...and let it become exclusive to that.  But so often we are bombarded with NEW that is just the old...that we already love mind you.....repackaged, relaunched, re----re.

Make a it....Peach Whatever..... and leave it.   Put it on the shelves in the it, modernize the label after a few years if you think it needs it.... but leave that formulation Peach Whatever.  

It is dizzying how often they come out with a it....for three months, and when the next season comes....its gone into the SAS bucket.  Only, to come out in the next season as PEACH WHATCHAMACALLIT.   

They have their staples....  their top fives....  JCB,  Moonlit Path, Sweet Pea, Twilight Woods, and Paris.....   And they have their cult followers.... warm vanilla sugar and such. 

And I understand demographics and sales and marketing....what one person loves in one market, another may not and products may sit on shelves....  I do get it. 

 But when you start re-doing things...we get that too.  We notice.  We speak of such things on social media pages and wonder why is it you feel you need to change the name of a candle three times or more a year. 

Paris Daydream  for --Spring, then Oceanside for Summer,  then, Sparkling Icicles for Winter and now back to basics, "Paris Daydream-City of Love.  It is all the same.

If you really want to suprise us, make sure they all burn flawlessly.  :)  And come up with scents.  Changing the name makes us think you think we are stupid.

Anyway, here we are Holiday 3 time with a new reset and the Semi Annual Sale is set to start the day after Christmas.....and we are all wondering what scents....which one of our treasured staples is heading towards the door for ONLINE ONLY.....

Speculation...Rumours.... alot is being thrown around.  Can you get a straight answer in store?  Nope.  They are like deer in the head lights..... and all say the same thing....I didn't hear anything about that.

Call customer service and they are like.....we have NO idea until they actually pull them.... um , yes, I was born at night actually...but NOT last night.  PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE    if you think we are buying are dreaming.  These decisions are made long before December 26th.....and your just told not to say.  More often than not lately I know more than customer service....and that, is quite annoying.  Perhaps I have better sources than they do.....  I wonder why?  ;)

Last year in November I knew all that were being pulled for the SAS because a stores manager was sent an email....and she was kind enough to remind her customers what was coming up and what was going.  Now it's like classified information.... haha.... 

They passed out the flyer with the SAS online exclusives returning for a bit:

  • Cucumber Melon,
  • Butterfly Flower,
  • Orange Sapphire,
  • P.S.I love you,
  • Coconut Vanilla,
  • Berry Vanilla,
  • Lemon Vanilla.
  • Dancing Waters
I am happy for those who love those scents.

My only scent I make sure I have is the Twisted Peppermint....  Funny how they aren't tweaking that and bringing it back under different names....  yet.....

When I can say what is headed to that old online exclusive graveyard in Ohio,  I will be sure to post it.......I would rather not post speculations and rumours or guesses to stir the pot even more