Saturday, December 22, 2012

They put the saturday

I spent the better part of my morning driving around from one place to another dropping off presents pre huge snow storm and having coffee and exchanging with another sweet friend today before heading out to my favorite BBW store.  I don't know how santa does this all in one night.

Santa is coming to my house tomorrow night for the little ones so I plan to ask him.

My store was beyond busy....they were downright swamped.  The shelves on the other hand were not.  Slowly but surely they are all emptying from their Christmas décor as new Semi Annual things begin to fill the spaces. 

Sadly, a lot of folks didn't realize that the SAS prices on those new soaps and things placed now were not in effect yet and when they brought up their purchases they were told the regular sale prices.  There were not many happy shoppers regarding that.

There were a lot of men shopping for their women and it made me smile watching them wander from one spot to another with puzzlement on their faces. 

The man in Victoria's Secret was the best.....he went from one pile of things to another picking out things for his wife with restrained confidence.  He told the clerk there when asked what size is she.....lemme have a pair and I will fold them. I do the  laundry so I know just how they look.

I laughed and told him to go out to the benches and tell that to the guy in the black coat. 
He went through drawer after drawer looking at the lace edged panties telling the now two clerks helping him she never wore lace before.  He said what should I do....and I offered up my advice...."buy her something you like....she may just like it too".....and he blushed and said, " Ma'm I like it all." 

I saw him in a few minutes at the register and he asked the lady checking him out to put in in the boxes for him so she wouldn't peek.  He had bras, panties and pajamas.....and I was happy for his wife.

It was the highlight of my shopping....the men in the midnight hour making great effort.....

Now back at BBW, I did find a box with three our classic best kiss  color changing lip glosses  (two exclusive to this kit) for a price of $18.50.  For three full sized glosses that wasn't too bad, but I had already planned on using my 40% off coupon so it made it a little cheaper.

I grabbed a few fragrance mists and some candles and of course the bucket....and after a brief stay in line, saved a bunch of money on some things for me. YAY!    I listened to some of the new SA's trying to talk people into getting the bucket and then going back to the manager asking for a few more that they were out of what she had given them.  They appeared to have been coached a bit on what to say and seemed a bit pushy when they tried to "sell" me.  I already knew it would end up free for me with my coupon so they were saved my push....   :)

The spring repeat candles were out and the soap and not much more.  I was told the red checked...(not blue, I stand corrected I did know that but forgot when I wrote previously)  bins were being prepped in the back for Monday nights redo.  It's a shame that some will need to work late on Christmas Eve getting it all out, but businesses must do what they feel is necessary....Come Wednesday morning when the gates rise from their holiday rest....the gladiators will be waiting....

Good thing I have my color changing lip gloss now.....

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