Sunday, December 9, 2012

Daily Deal for Monday, 12/10/12

Photo: TODAY'S SPECIAL DELIVERY: $6 All Aromatherapy Body Cream in stores TODAY ONLY!<br /> <br /> *Offer valid 12/9 only.

This (above) was todays daily deal and the manager at my favorite store said tomorrows daily deal is shimmer sprays for $5.00 or 6.00. She also mentioned they are not telling the stores more than one day in advance..... why I don't know. It would be beneficial to know the weeks specials so I could plan out what I may still need for gifts....but if I don't get there for a daily deal then it's more money for something else.....
Like new test candles.... :)

I see there is alot of grumbling about the $2.00 increase and I understand that a bit....but anyone who knows about business practices knows the laws of supply and well as marketing tests.....
Launch a spring test candle line as well as it being two weeks before Christmas and sneak those prices up 10% and see just how sales will go.
I also understand that if you give someone a foot they will take a yard...meaning if we all agree that we will pay 2.00 more....then maybe we will pay 5.00 more. Bath and Body works needs to wage this increase carefully.....because they may just find the answer they weren't hoping for......when people will boycott and shop elsewhere.
Like I said yesterday....I wanted the candles that are coming out.....and I was willing to pay more.
For now. :)