Tuesday, December 11, 2012

oh so pretty...candles with scent notes

I wanted to share a few of my current finds online on ebay....I will get mine posted here as well ...but these are found on this auction sellers page, currently the only one selling these five.....in case you are interested in buying. These photos are hers as well.

This fragrant blend of peony, apple blossom and plumeria captures the essence of the very first blooms of the season.

The prettiest flowers from your local farmer's garden, hyacinth, white rose, lily, jasmine turn this fragrance into a delicate delight.

Delightful lily of the valley blossoms and violets surround lush lilac in this springtime fragrance.

The scent of early spring contained in a blend of sweet honeysuckle, pink peony and freesia with a touch of creamy vanilla.

The calming fragrance of a water garden is conjured up by light touches of water lilies and musk.

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