Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trademarks added for some new products 11/14/12

I noticed this morning that Bath & Body Works has added a few more item names to their most recent trademark list.
  • Beautiful Day
  • Sweather Weather
I know that the Sweater Weather was a candle offered for test a month or so ago and was pretty popular so that comes as no suprise.
Beautiful Day sounds like a wonderful springtime fragrance they might be offering in their signature line.
I look forward to finding out more about this product.
Some of the others I had written about previously are still a bit unknown,
Simple Fresh Good no. 93 main and the Sweethearts.
I am still wondering what the new signature items for the new year will be and as soon as I get a look at the catalog of upcoming things I will know better if my guess of these trademarked names was correct.
  • Moonlight Darling
  • Starlet Blossom
  • Sweetheart Kiss