Friday, December 14, 2012

Making seasons bright....

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I am a huge fragrance fan.  Anyone who knows me, knows that is true....and anyone who has seen my collection could also testify to that.   I am not so much a hoarder anymore....I realized some time ago when my daughter was killed just how much value "stuff" has....and while we see things and covet them, having isn't always as gratifying as sharing.  So throughout the year when I buy the things I love and use those free item coupons, I put those things away for the chances to share them.

There are alot of womens shelters, salvation army and charities that could always use a boost of different things other than the necessities.  Every year, work gets organizations asking for help at the holidays.  They reuse old christmas card fronts and list things needed according to age and whether or not it is a man or a woman.  They hung on the board for sometime and I wondered was there some reason we were waiting.  I asked around and no one seemed to pay attention to it....which I couldn't understand because it was posted next to the huge Christmas tree, it was noticable.  I always bought for children posted on the Salvation Army giving tree at the mall and in stores but this was Catholic Social Services so I wasn't sure what was needed.

I took time at lunch to go through each of the card fronts and with each turn, my heart sunk that much farther to the floor.  I think the one that got me the hardest was the young woman asking for one yellow bath towel.

Can you imagine...?  I hope not.  I hope none of us ever....ever need help getting a bath towel.

Others saw me standing at the tree and came to see what I was up to.  And one by one, the tree area became crowded and the cubicals more empty. 

I took the yellow towel card....and three others to start.  A co worker asked me was I allowed to take four...and someone laughed and said why not.  One by one, the cards on red ribbon ties were pulled from the wall until none remained.

We went back to our boxes and whispered over the walls what each person needed to get thankful for what he had at home waiting for us.

I took two adults and two children and my husband and I went shopping to get all that was asked for.  Of course I did not buy just one towel, but two full sets and I stuffed the box with Bath and Body works products atop each ribbon tied pile.  I added a note that if the scent was not liked, they are exchangable (receipt enclosed).

The holiday came and went and the toys for tots box left over-filled thanks to the chances bought from the entire plant for a snowman I designed and made.  And the tree came down for another season.

A few weeks later a package arrived at the front desk and inside were notes from the people who received the gifts with their card front attached so we would know who to give them to. 

How often do we ever think when we walk into a store how blessed we are that we CAN go in and buy something?  I know I am blessed, but I don't always think about those who walk past the store wanting to go in, or who do go in and can't afford to leave with something special.  There but for the Grace of God go any of us.

And it is special to shop there....for their soaps and wax and things.  And even sharing a small bit of it DOES make a difference to someone.

With Christmas eve now just ten days away I must find the time this evening to gather up all of those extras I got all year and get the box ready to donate.  And with todays generous candle sale, and coupons I can add a few more candles to the box hopefully to make someone season that much brighter.......