Friday, December 14, 2012

Deal of the day 12/15...

My local store is currently getting the signage on tomorrows deal of the day:  $5.00 body cream and I asked if it was for all body creams and was told no, it excludes the Forever Red.  Silly I thought, that they would be excluding things adding in more confusion to this Deal of the Day stuff they have....but I guess they will do as they see fit.

All of the signage is in the store so the Sales Associates do know what is coming, they are just unsure as what day so they can't say until they are told later in the day....the day before.....and I suppose even that is subject to change.

I know when there were two deals emailed my stores honored what they were told, but if you had the email to show you could get that too.

What I am happy about is with bath & Body Works 100% happiness guarantee, all of my candles were credited to the Deal price....and I am even getting three extras sent out in yesterdays batch.

While we may not always like how things happen in the store.... like the DOD's being mixed up or the $2.00 price increase in the candles, they sure do try to even things out across the board.  $5.50 per candle after a coupon pre SAS is pretty awesome and just in time for gift giving....WHILE all the current holiday candles are still in stock as well as the NEW SPRING line is available.  They could have had exclusions to those but did not.

I do have the Super Saturday info as well and will get that posted here in a bit.....along with my review of 12 of the spring candles.  And I must say....for some of these scents... YUCK.  Especially Lily Pond.  $5.50 or not, that is one stinky candle and I wouldn't even waste my time burning it to see how it smells warm....   Did I mention....Yuck?